Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Sun Shines on GPW

Fascinating interview with the new political editor of The Sun, George Pascoe-Watson in The Guardian. Well worth a scazz. Don't know him very well but he's got a hard act to follow, especially as Trevor Kavanagh will still be sitting next to him in the Gallery in his new role as columnist. Echoes of the Harry Enfield sketch "you don't wanna do it like that, you wanna do it like this!"

And I see former Michael Howard spinner Jonathan Collett is the new Head of Political Relations for Rupert Murdoch. A sure sign of which way the wind is blowing. In Mr Cameron's direction, methinks.


Guido Fawkes said...

Echoes indeed.

Paul Linford said...

Interesting that the Grauniad deemed GPW's elevation to the Sun pol ed's job worthy of a double-page spread...can we now look forward to the Sun reciprocating with a full-length profile of the new Guardian political editor, Patrick Wintour?