Friday, January 27, 2006

Top Ten Things Which Would Be Different if my Jack Russell, Gio, Was Prime Minister

1. LibDem HQ in Cowley Street replaced by giant fire hydrant
2. Abolition of Pets Means Prizes
3. Capital Punishment restored for Dale Winton
4. Doggy door at the front of Number Ten
5. Dog biscuits on the NHS
6. Compulsory sterilisation for cats
7. Life sentences for tail dockers
8. Battersea Dogs' Home to replace Chequers as PM's country residence (Gio was born there!)
9. First Lady to be renamed First Bitch
10. PM to have mandatory right to shag the legs of all fellow Cabinet Ministers


Anonymous said...

Oh, Gio's so sweet! Very naughty about the cats though - what would Auntie Juliet say!

Tory Ted said...

I thought number nine happened when Blair came to power.