Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mark Oaten is in the House

Spotted this morning in Portcullis House. Mark Oaten with an entourage of about six flunkies. Good to see him back in Parliament. It must have taken some guts to walk through the door. But the House of Commons can be very forgiving to people who've strayed. My suspicion is that his reception will be friendlier from MPs of parties other than his own.


Bill said...

I agree it must have taken some courage and you may well be right about the reception he is likely to receive from MPs of various Parties. Whilst I don't necessarily condone what he did, nor would I presume to sit in judgement (stones, glass-houses, that kind of thing) I do have a lot of sympathy with his predicament, much more than I have for Simon Hughes. The fact that he (Hughes) has been forgiven by Peter Tatchell is something I naturally respect, but find it difficult to believe I would have the grace to do the same in similar circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Glass houses? Glass tables, more like.