Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are Women the Secret of Dave's Success?

PoliticalBetting.com has an interesting topic of the day. They ask, Is Cameron's Success Built on Women? In evidence, they cite the following ICM polling figures. Looks a pretty good case to me, although I'd like to see the YouGov split to before jubilating too much. Both leadership candidates agreed that winning back the womens' vote was one of the keys to a Tory revival and in seven weeks, David Cameron seems to have pulled the situation round very well. I wonder if it's the more consensual approach that is doing it or if it's something else. I imagine that many women will have been none too impressd by the latest LibDem anticsn so I suspect quite a few of the new women Tory voters are former LibDems. Whatever it is, I hope the Party is doing some detailed private polling to find out.

ICM Tory shares - Gender split

May 05: MALE 37% FEMALE 28% (General Election poll)
JUN 05: MALE 32% FEMALE 31%
JUL 05: MALE 31% FEMALE 31%
AUG 05: MALE 34% FEMALE 27%
SEP 05: MALE 29% FEMALE 32%
OCT 05: MALE 28% FEMALE 36% (Post Tory conference)
NOV 05: MALE 34% FEMALE 33%
DEC 05: MALE 38% FEMALE 36%
JAN 06: MALE 36% FEMALE 41%


Anonymous said...

I'm too young to remember properly but didn't Thatchers first win happen in part due to her popularity amongst women (as opposed to Labour looking very male etc)?

Alfie said...

Hey Iain, in order to further encourage the girly section of the population to 'Go Tory' - you could do a blog from a woman's perspective......

You could call it 'Mrs Dale's Diary'