Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday's foot spa

A very exciting day. We had the biggest team of canvassers and leafleters ever seen in North Norfolk today. I started the day at the first North Walsham farmers market - great to see a new initiative with such quality produce. I spent the rest of the morning with a huge team of canvassers in North Walsham before moving on to Fakenham and Wells. In between I had lunch at Holt Rugby Club - they were playing Fakenham today for the Banham Trophy. There must have been nearly 200 at the lunch and I had the somewhat daunting prospect of making a short speech without being political. I decided to turn comedian and think I just about carried it off! I paid tribute to Bill Cubitt's combine on the Holt Road and the fact that it now has a Vote Conservative sign adorning it. I pledged to make it a listed monument!

I'm typing this with my feet soaking in a foot spa one of my canvassers has lent me. A very weird sensation and not one I think I am particularly enjoying. Got to do something about the feet though - they are a nightmare and very painful. But the good side of walking so much is that I am losing weight again. I keep kicking myself that having shed two stone last year I have put quite a bit of it back on. If it comes off again, it stays off.

Had phone calls from David Davis and Ann Widdecombe tonight to see how I am doing. David is fighting the LibDems too so we often compare notes. Ann was typically robust!

Just been on the phone for half an hour to one of my best friends in Washington, who was supposed to be coming over for the last week. His wife is expecting a baby any time so he couldn't come. He and I first met on the 1992 campaign in Norwich North and we've remained friends ever since. He's one of those few people who you might not speak to for months but you just pick up from where you left off. A rare thing.

Friday, April 29, 2005

A Very Busy Friday

An early start in Fakenham to take part in yet another candidates debate at Fakenham Sixth Form College - 220 present, although surprisingly quiet. Very good natured and some excellent questions. I thought I had blown it when I said I was totally against the EMA grant of £10-£30 a week for sixth formers. I was pleased to see that only about 20% of the audience thought these bribes to stay on at school were a good thing. From there it was on to North Norfolk Radio for an hour on air with Sue Marchant and John Bultitude. It went reasonably OK despite some obvious LibDem planted questions. Lunch at the Skeyton Goat with the apparently (according to The Times) soon to be enobled Gillian Shephard and her husband Tom. We visited Ladbrook Engineering in North Walsham and then did a walkabout in the Market Square before an hour of doorknocking in Trunch. Another sprinkling of LibDem switchers.

This evening I popped into the Aylsham at War exhibition before grabbing a bite to eat at the Black Boys - fantastic food.

Tomorrow is a major campaign day for us in several of the bigger towns.

And so to bed

Started the day in North Walsham as it is market day. Moved from there to Mundesley, where we found a lot of new support. Had quite a large team out with me today and we had a break for lunch at them Hunworth Bell before moving on to Fakenham and then Sheringham. Tonight was the final debate in the series of three with the other candidates. We were also joined by Justo the Clown, which certainly added to the evening's entertainment. If I'm honest I didn't put in my best performance tonight. Maybe I was tired, but I just didn't feel I sparked at all. Overall, the debates were very good natured affairs, although I suspect the audience was largely made up of people already allied to one or other Party. Although I suppose about 300 people attended them if you add the three audiences together it's a pinprick in the 81,000 electorate. However, in most constituencies you'd have had a fraction of that number.

Tomorrow Gillian Shephard is coming to visit and I'll be on North Norfolk Radio from 11-12.

And so to bed. Knackered. But tomorrow the batteries will be recharged. My campaign team call me the Duracell Bunny as they say I keep going no matter what. But even Duracell's need the occasional rechargezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Very good day today. And the weather held out. Nearly. Spent the morning in North Walsham and then this afternoon we had a visit from our Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. I took him on a visit to Cromer Hospital and we also met some relatives of patients at Rebecca House. Spent this evening in Sheringham doing a huge canvass stint with a dozen helpers.

Tomorrow evening is the final candidates debate at Sheringham Community Centre at 8pm if anyone wants to come along.

Yellow Dog Story

Just been bitten by a vicious dog in Sheringham. That will teach me to knock on a door with a Lib Dem poster in the garden. Should I go to North Walsham Minor Injuries Unit? Oops, no, it's shut. Should I go to Wells Minor Injuries Unit? Oops, no, it's shut. Perhaps I'll ring that nice Dr. John Reid.

Funny Canvassing Story Number 3

Lady in North Walsham, 'I wouldn't trust Tony Blair with the fleas off my cat's back.'

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Yesterday was the first debate between the four candidates for North Norfolk in Wells. Tonight was the second, in Fakenham. The third is in Sheringham on Thursday (8pm at the Community Centre).

Last night it was all a little too cosy and gentlemanly. Lots of "Well I agree with you Norman" and "Iain is absolutely right." There were about 100 people present in Wells, about 30 more than were at Fakenham tonight. I can hardly believe that the issue of Wells Hospital didn't come up at all, nor indeed did healthcare of any description.

Tonight's debate was a little sparkier and all the better for it, I thought. It's difficult to know how many floating voters attend these events but I hope they got something out of them.

For the record I think Wells was a score draw but I felt tonight I came out marginally on top. It has to be said the star of the show was the Reverend Adrian Bell, who chaired the event brilliantly - and at times eccentrically! Highly entertaining. He obviously fancies a career change as a Today Programme interviewer!


Yesterday morning I listened to a piece on Radio 4's Today Programme with more than a little passing interest. It concerned the stock market flotaton of YouGov. The business reporter gave a glowing account of the company and the likely success of the flotation. What she didn't mention was that sitting next to her in the studio was a journalist who stood to make an absolute killing (rumoured to be a quarter of a million pounds). Nothing wrong with that you may think, but the journalist in question was John Humphrys who makes a living out of questioning politicians about standards in public life. Do you not think it might have been appropriate if after that piece had been broadcast he might have made just a brief declaration of interest? What's good for the goose...

PS I should also declare an interest - I won a miniscule number of shares in YouGov, and am delighted by its success!


Sorry for the lack of postings since Saturday. Yesterday evening I left my laptop at the debate in Wells so I couldn't write anything when I got home.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

For St George & England

Probably the most hectic day of the campaign so far, and in many ways perhaps the most enjoyable. The day started in Fakenham where I attended the Framers' market and the Church St George's Day Fayre. We moved on to Sheringham and leafleted the High Street in competition with Norman Lamb and a few other LibDems. Cromer was next to get the St George's Day treatment, and I met up with Jack Russell Gio who joined us meeting and greeting voters. Gio was supposed to be wearing his all new St George's Cross Dog Coatr but unfortunately when it arrived in this morning's post it was about twenty sizes too small. Little Gio has emulated his Master and become a bit of a porker of late. From Cromer it was on to North Walsham, where the town centre seemed to be rather devoid of Saturday shoppers. We spent the afternoon in Hoveton before closing our campaign day in the Stalham area.

I wonder what tomorrow's polls will show. I know all candidates never believe polls when they don't reflect your own experience on the streets but I genuinely believe something weird is going on out there which the polls haven't picked up. There's no doubt that our message on immigration and Council Tax has been received and understood and I hope this is reflected in what tomorrow's papers will tell us.

We all move into the final phase of the campaign in good heart and cautiously confident of victory. I know it's going to be close, but I've always known that.

A Day Out

We concentrated today on three of the major towns but also popped into the Day out in North Norfolk exhibition at Holt Railway Station. It's organised by North Norfolk District Council and they do it extremely well. Tomorrow we're doing a quick stop tour of some of the main towns in the morning, handing out leaflets in the high streets and also I'll be having Gio, my Jack Russell, out with me for a bit of the day. Hopefully he won't bite anyone!

Friday, April 22, 2005

One side of the constituency to the other

We certainly clocked up the miles today... Spent the early part of the morning in Fakenham market before a tour of the villages around Fakenham. I then had to drive to Yarmouth to meet Tim Yeo, our Shadow Environment Spokesman for a discussion on coastal erosion. Mark Fox, our candidate in Yarmouth, and I agreed with him our policy on dredging, which Mark and I believe to be part of the cause of coastal erosion. Detail to follow. I then drove all the way over to Wells to visit the Wells Hospital open day. Having now been round the hospital I am even more convinced of the case for it to stay open. Talking of which, apparently Gordon Brown has put his foot in it by accusing me of making an unauthorised spending pledge to keepo the hospital open if we regain power. By doing this it is clear that Labour will not reopen it if they win the election. I reconfirmed the position with Andrew Lansley, our Shadow health spokesman and the fact remains (whatever the newspapers might write) that if we win the election the hospital will reopen.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Line Campaigning Starts Here

This is the first of my real time campaigning posts. Just been in Fakenham to go around the market where we had a friendly encounter with Norman Lamb and his colleagues.

We are in Sculthorpe at the moment and I have just knocked on the door of someone I was at school with in Saffron Walden thrity years ago. He has moved up here and apparently I canvassed the street where his parents live in East Runton as well. Talk about a small world.

Over and out from sunny Sculthrope!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gladdening the heart...

Michael Howard's Council Tax announcement on cancelling Labour's revaluation has gone down very well if today's canvassing is anything to go by. We were in Sheringham tonight and I have never seen as many switchers in one canvassing session. One chap I spoke to said he had voted Labour all his life but he liked what Michael Howard was saying. Another one in the bag then! This morning we did a couple of Council estates in Fakenham. Having cut my political teeth on the Mile Cross estate in Norwich I felt right at home.

It's very strange. There is no sign of Liberal campaigning at all. They put out a couple of leaflets in the first week and that's been it. No sign of them doing much canvassing either. Maybe they have all gone to continue their hopeless quest of ousting Charles Clarke. They really ought to leave that job to Antony Little.

Our poster display has come on leaps and bounds. We're even being complimented on it now. Posters don't gain you a single extra vote, but they certainly gladden the heart of a tired candidate on his way home!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stalham, P45 and a Foot Spa

Went to Stalham this morning and talked to many people and shopkeepers in the High Street about the Tesco effect. This afternoon was spent in some of the bigger villages in the eastern part of the constituency. My day was considerably brightened by an article in the Norwich Evening News saying I was set to oust the Liberal Democrats. It contained a rather rattled quote from Norman Lamb, who even offered to show me his canvass returns. Norman, I don't need to see them - my own give me all the information I need to know that on May 5th one of us will be collecting a P45 - and it isn't me... Did an interview with Radio Norfolk on Council Tax today and also talked to the Lynn News. I've also finalised a policy document which will be released next week. The feet are bad again today - I need a foot spa!

Send in the Clowns

Nominations have closed and there is a surprise candidate, a certain Justin Appleton. He delivered his nomination papers to the Council dressed as a clown! So that's two clowns on the ballot paper, then...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Officially Nominated

A comparatively dry day for a change. The first door I knocked on this morning in North Walsham was a LibDem switcher and a minute later a lady came up to me and asked me for a poster. I suppose it could only go downhill from there!

I hear that several LibDem councillors are trashing me on the doorstep. Nich Starling and Robin Combe - I would be very careful what you say in future. I always find it amusing that LibDems portray themselves as whiter than white yet will fight dirtier than anyone.

I can truthfully say that in two weeks of this election campaign I have not ever trashed Norman Lamb personally to a single voter. Pity his little helpers cannot return the compliment.

Before a spot of doorknocking on the coast I handed in my nomination papers at the District Council. Quite a moment.

This morning I spent half an hour with a group of pensioners in North Walsham and this evening attended a discussion with some people at the Cliftonville Hotel in Cromer.

The EDP say that there are rumours of an independent candidate. Nominations close tomorrow so this time tomorrow we will know the full lineup.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Sunday

Tomorrow's Sun says that only one in four young people will vote. That's why I have agreed to take part in four political debates in High Schools around the constituency over the next two weeks. I have to say I believe the turnout here will be far higher, but we shouldn't take it for granted.

I have spent much of today helping put up posters. I don't like disturbing people's Sundays knocking on doors so putting up posters was rather fun - indeed, quite therapeutic. I'm very encouraged by the number of our posters which are going up all over the place. And not too many are being vandalised.

I met one of the North Walsham LibDem councillors in Knapton this afternoon and had a good chat.

A very good policy announcement today by Michael Howard on encouraging people to save for pensions. This is a very big issue which will resound well on the doorstep.

Dale in News of the World Shocker

A poll of marginal seats in today's News of the World tips me to win. Hurrah! On Page 9 of the News of the World the ICM poll shows that the Conservatives are polling three points ahead of the LibDems in Con/LibDem marginals.

The feature story says: "Iain Dale will oust senior Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, overturning a majority of 483 with the help of 25,000 older voters. Age Concern say 83% of the over-65s are certain to vote. Grey power will see the Tories triumph because of anger over the government's pensions policies."

The poll confirms what I have been finding on the doorstep. Many former LibDem voters, some former Labour supporters and many people whod didn't vote at all have come to the conclusion that the only way to evict Tony Blair from power is to vote Conservative.

Footnote: Norman Lamb is so anonymous at Westminster that the News of the World transposed a picture of him with Dorset South Labour MP Jim Knight!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Campaigning Today

This morning we were in Holt, handing out leaflets and meeting people in the town centre followed by a couple of hours on the doorstep. In the afternoon we were in some of the villages between Fakenham and Wells before rounding off the day in Wells. I hear my opponent is not campaigning at all in the villages and concentrating on the towns.

Our poster display in the west of the constituency is astounding. More and more are going up every day.

And my Jack Russell, Gio, even got a mention in the EDP today!

Village Tour

This morning we did a little village tour around Fakenham and then headed for Aldborough. Again, got drenched. But we kept going nonetheless. Very interesting on the doorstep. What Labour vote there is seems to be holding - we're getting the odd Labour switcher but we detect no sign of a mass Labour defection to the LibDems. There is also not a UKIP voter to be found. I haven't met a single one in the last two weeks. If you spot one, do let me know!

Got a mention tonight on Have I got News for You...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Another drenching

Fakenham and Briston for most of the day. We had a good time at the market - met lots of people and handed out a lot of literature. I wonder how much of it will be read. I always enjoy Fakenham and today was no exception - some very good doorstep chats. Went to a sheltered housing complex in North Walsham this evening.

Charles Kennedy's manifesto launch seemed to go off rather badly. I'm sure he has been suffering from a lack of sleep - who doesn't during ane election? Three weeks tonight and all our fates will have been decided.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rainy Days

Had a good, if rather rain-sodden morning in Sheringham. I met my parents' former vicar and his wife who moved to Sheringham from Saffron Walden a few years ago. He presided at my sister's wedding. Small world. In the afternoon David Willetts came to North Walsham for a tour of East Coast Plastics in North Walsham and a spot of door knocking. In the evening it was to Wells where we had about 20 canvassers, a quite astonishing number. The fact that I have promised to reopen the hospital has certainly gone down well. One lady, who had voted LibDem previously, said I had given her a real dilemma and wouldn't it be better if they could have both myself and Norman Lamb?! Perish the thought!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Days Like These

Another full day out on the stump, starting in Fakenham and ending in Aylmerton. Our posters are multiplying very well. Our manifesto was launched today. For more details CLICK HERE. The feet are still fairly horrendous - a voter suggested a foot spa. Hmmmm. Think not. The postbag is full of questionaires from various organisations. Another late night beckons tomorrow. Favourite comment of the day? "I've voted Liberal every election since 1974 but I'm voting for you this time to get shot of Tony Blair." Warms the cockles of a candidate's heart!

New Labour Unplugged

A great new blog (sort of) exposing the hypocrisy behind New Labour can be found at It's gossipy but full of useful ammunition. To get to it CLICK HERE.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

North Lodge Park

This morning I attended the protest at North Lodge Park in Cromer. The LibDem District Council want to sell it off. Here's an extract from a press release today...

This morning Iain Dale attended the protest over the LibDem sell off of North Lodge Park in Cromer. Not a single LibDem councillor was present - neither was local LibDem candidate Norman Lamb.

Iain Dale attacked the Liberal Democrats for 'a perverse sort of gerrymandering' over the proposed sale of North Lodge Park. The LibDems had placed the sale of North Lodge Park on the agenda for the full Council meeting on Wednesday. However, they have now decided to defer discussion on it until after the General Election on May 9th.

Iain says: "I am sure Norman Lamb has pleaded with the LibDem councillors to defer discussion because he knows that if the LibDems drive through this appalling sell-off of one of Cromer's jewels it will cost him many votes. It's another example of trying to 'bury bad news' until after the election. If Norman Lamb had any real influence over the ruling LibDem Council group he would have persuaded them to abandon the sale altogether. Norman Lamb should come out in the open and give us his real views. I am happy to publicly declare that I am opposed to the sale. Why isn't he?"

This afternoon I spent some time helping put up some more posters. I won't knock on doors on Sundays as I think it is intrusive, but it's good to see more posters going up.

The Message

This is the message people are giving US on the doorstep, not the other way around... Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Campaign

Started the day off with a group of supporters wanderng around Sheringham market and then down the high street. Said a quick hello to Norman Lamb who was doing the same thing with a couple of his groupies. We then moved on to Cromer, North Walsham and finished up in Swanton Abbott. By far the best day so far with many switchers, especially from the LibDems.

We've had a number of examples today of our posters being vandalised. Always happens. Funny how the LibDem posters always stay intact.

The EDP called to ask for my comments on a story they are running on Monday on Norman Lamb's decision to carry on canvassing during the Pope's funeral. They asked if I would call for him to apologise. I decided not to. In the end people can make up their own minds about how appropriate it was. It seems the LibDems had a national ban on campaigning but he broke it.

So, what issues are people raising on the doorstep? Today it was predominantly Council Tax and immigration.

Someone saw a black hearse tonight covered with Lamb stickers. Nothing to do with me. Promise!

Funny Canvassing Stories No 2

Voter: So, Mr Dale what are your views on the Suez crisis?

On the Trail

Out of respect for the Pope we did not do any campaigning this morning. All three Parties I had thought had agreed to call a 'truce' until after the funeral. As you will see below our beloved local LibDems decided on a different course of action. I used the time to finish off some election literature amd to record my eight 'one minute manifestos' for North Norfolk Radio. These will be aired from April 18th. Obviously the other candidates are being extended the same courtesy! I also had an indepth questionnaire today from the Eastern Daily Press - favourite book, film, song etc. Nothing political you understand! This afternoon I spent mostly in Briston before going on to a function later in the evening in Cley. Everyone was in good heart.

Tomorrow it's a morning of street campaigning in Sheringham, Cromer and North Walsham before some doorstepping in NW and several villages.

The weather today was typically English. Bright sunshine, rain and snow. And bitter winds. I understand it's going to get worse!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Headline Should Go Here

I understand Norman Lamb was busy campaigning on the streets of Cromer this morning while the Pope was being buried. I think that just about says it all.

Another LibDem Votewinner!

CATHOLIC schools should be thrown out of the state system unless they tell pupils how to obtain the morning-after pill and abortions, according to the Liberal Democrats. For more CLICK HERE.

New Candidate Blog Link

Michael Gove, the Times journalist and my counterpart in Surrey Heath has got a new Blog. CLICK HERE.

I'd do anything for a vote, but I won't do that!

Meat Loaf is becoming a theme of this campaign. I booked tickets the other day for his concert at Blickling on my birthday in July. Yesterday I said something to a voter and she replied "you took the words right out of my mouth" to which I replied "it must have been while you were kissing me! She roared! Today I had my picture taken with a lady with a Meat Loaf tattoo!

Got drenched this morning and this evening. Tomorrow we're not campaigning in the morning out of respect for the Pope's funeral.

Patricia Hewitt is on a very sticky wicket over Rover. She's announced it is in administration yet the company say it isn't. Quite astonishing.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Today's events

Spent most of today in some of the smaller villages. We got a lot of posters up today and had quite a few people ringing in to ask for them. I even picke dup a dozen poster sites while canvassing. The anti-Blair feeling on the doorstep seems to be growing every day. Several people remarked on Michael Howard's excellent performance at Prime Minister's Questions. Have spent the last hour responding to email queries from people who have received my first leaflet. Tomorrow is the first full day of on the street campaigning. We'll be in North Walsham first thing.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just a minute

Quick post before going out again. Got drenched this morning on the coast, but got 8 new poster sites so am feeling very pleased. Onwards!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fan in Felbrigg

I have a 'royal' fan in Felbrigg. Obviously a man of taste... CLICK HERE

The First Day

We're off. Into Norwich this morning for our Norfolk/Suffolk campaign launch with Tim Yeo. Good press turnout and did a couple of interviews. Then back to Cromer to start the campaign proper. Good reaction on the streets to our battlebus. Our first leaflet is being delivered all over the constituency and our posters will start going up tomorrow. This evening I spoke to a group of people with learning difficulties and then popped into Sheringham Town Council briefly. Tonight I made my first video email which went out a few minutes ago.

I saw the LibDems first leaflet this afternoon. I do find it amusing they keep calling me 'Michael Howard's Conservative Candidate' - a badge of honour I wear with pride but I suspect it's not meant as a compliment. So much for Charles Kennedy saying they'll fight a positive campaign. The whole leaflet was one long sneer.

First Election Leaflet

Tomorrow morning we start delivering our first election leaflet throughout the constituency. I've uploaded a PDF which you can download by CLICKING HERE. The first bit is upside down as it's the reverse side of the bit with the letter, if you see what I mean!

A Strange Day

Just got back from Wells Town Council. It was dominated by a ninety minute discussion on public toilets. I left just before 10pm and they had only got through about a third of the agenda. The LibDem mayor Joyce Trett came under fire as she is on the District Council's Public Toilets Working Party (I kid ye not!) and had seemingly failed to report back the Town Council what was being planned for Wells. She did her best to get out of a tight corner but to be honest appeared rather rattled.

I had intended to spend much of the day out on the doorstep but we were asked not to go canvassing as a mark of respect to the Pope. I suspect the same will happen on Friday.

Tomorrow we launch our Norfolk-wide campaign with a press conference in Norwich with Shadow Cabinet Minister Tim Yeo. It's hard to believe that we've finally reached the starting gate and that in only 31 days' time it will all be over. MP or not MP, that is the question!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hacker Beware

This afternoon I received an email from the person who hacked this site yesterday. This person has registered an email address in my name So on top of committing a criminal offence of hacking a website this idiot has compounded the issue by attempting to impersonate me. Enough is enough. On Monday morning I am going to the Police.

If anyone receives an email purporting to come from me from the address they should contact me immediately on 01692 538180. My real email address is It is clear from the messages posted on my Blog that the person who hacked my site is at the very least a Liberal Democrat sympathiser. I hope this is not the start of a dirty tricks campaign by my opponents. I intend to conduct an election campaign which treats my opponents with respect and I am sure they will return the courtesy, but it is up to us all to curb those who stray beyond the bounds of what is acceptable. I have already had several emails from LibDem supporters expressing concern at what has been done apparently in their name. I thank them for their kind words.

Pope John Paul II

It is with a great sense of sadness that we learned tonight of the death of Pope John Paul II, one of the world's greatest statesmen of the last half century. He was a visonary leader of the Catholic church and an inspiration to many Christians all over the world. Along with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher he helped bring down Communism, the greatest tyranny the world has ever experienced. People of all faiths and none will be saddened by his death. He was a man of vision, conviction and foresight. My thoughts tonight lie with the Catholic community and the people of Poland who have lost a much loved and revered leader."

Another Bizarre LibDem Policy

The Liberal Democrats have published a rural manifesto which includes a bizarre pledge to ban young people under the age of 14 from 'participating in shoots'. There is not, of course, any evidence that such a move would achieve anything other than discriminating against thousands of law abiding youngsters including game shooters, rough shooters, clay shooters, target shooters and service cadets.

Trash TV

I see Tony Blair is being interviewed by Little Any & Dec tonight. A number of comments spring to mind. Pity everyone will be watching Doctor Who on the other side... Reminds me. Must set the video. I tried to record Footballers' Wives on Thursday but forgot I hadn't put the clock forward on the video so only got the last half an hour.

On the Streets

Its a bright sunny day here in Swanton Abbott and I'm just about to leave for a heavy duty day out on the streets. First stop is Aylsham Market where I'm meeting Mid Norfolk MP Keith Simpson. Although it's in his constituency a lot of people from North Norfolk go there on a Saturday morning. Then it's on to Cromer for a couple of hours on the doorstep before speaking at a branch event in Aldborough. And this afternoon on to Potter Heigham and this evening some door knocking in Trimingham. And hopefully when I get back this Blog will still be intact.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hacked Off

Someone hacked into the Blog late this afternoon and posted a huge amount of moronic rubbish on here. It has now all been deleted I think, but many of my postings were changed. I have trawled through them and I think I have caught everything, but if anyone finds something I may have missed please do let me know.

I believe I know who the hacker is and it is clear that they have connections to the Liberal Democrats. I assume the hacker will be reading this, so let me make one thing very clear. If this happens again I shall report it to the Police. Computer hacking is a criminal offence.

If you can't win your arguments in proper debate it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

I suppose my one consolation from this is that it shows how scared the LibDems are.

Thanks to all those who attempted to alert me about the hacking. Sod's law that I had left my mobile phone in my car while visiting people in Skeyton.

At the EDP

I'm typing this in the offices of Her Majesty's Press in Cromer! Ed Foss, the local news correspondent for the EDP is doing a feature on blogging so I'm showing him how simple it is.

Calm Before the Storm

Another day of planning the election programme. Slipped into Norwich this afternoon for a clandestine meeting with er, someone. I could tell you who, but then I'd have to shoot you... This evening I went to Sculthorpe Parish Council. There were twenty villagers watching the proceedings, something I've never seen before. Normally there are a maximum of two people present, other than the councillors.