Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dale in News of the World Shocker

A poll of marginal seats in today's News of the World tips me to win. Hurrah! On Page 9 of the News of the World the ICM poll shows that the Conservatives are polling three points ahead of the LibDems in Con/LibDem marginals.

The feature story says: "Iain Dale will oust senior Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, overturning a majority of 483 with the help of 25,000 older voters. Age Concern say 83% of the over-65s are certain to vote. Grey power will see the Tories triumph because of anger over the government's pensions policies."

The poll confirms what I have been finding on the doorstep. Many former LibDem voters, some former Labour supporters and many people whod didn't vote at all have come to the conclusion that the only way to evict Tony Blair from power is to vote Conservative.

Footnote: Norman Lamb is so anonymous at Westminster that the News of the World transposed a picture of him with Dorset South Labour MP Jim Knight!

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