Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vote For the Name of my New Website

In the next few weeks I will be launching a new website. In effect it is a site which will contain daily articles from me, but also 7 or 8 other articles each day from a range of other contributors. It will be like a blog, in that people can comment on every article (after registering) but it will look more like a magazine or newspaper site. It will cover politics, media, the arts, books, films and sport, but with an emphasis on politics and current affairs. Contributors include more than fifty politicians, journalists, commentators, public affairs professionals, academics, pollsters, elections experts, business people and radio presenters.

The site will have no editorial line. It is not a right wing site, as will be evidenced from the range of contributors.

But I have a problem. I still can't decide what to call the site. I have canvassed suggestions, but none has really stood out as obvious. I want the site to be clearly associated with me, yet the site name, or subtitle, needs to clearly demonstrate that it is not just me and that many others are involved too.

So I want you to vote and we'll see if you all come up with a overwhelming favourite.

Vote HERE.

Friday, April 29, 2011

On My LBC Show From 7.30pm...

7.30-10PM Well, what a day it’s been. Even I, as an ardent royalist, hadn’t expected it to be quite so inspiring, exhilarating and enjoyable. It was a day when the whole country came together to wish a very special couple all the happiness in the world. It was a day of pageantry and pomp, and don’t we in Britain do it well? Celebrations are still taking place all over London as street parties continue right through the evening. What are we going to do over the next three hours? We’re going to ask you about your memories of the day. How was the Royal Wedding for you? I want to know how your street party went, what did you think of the ceremony, of the dress, of, ahem, Princess Eugenie’s antlers? And if you have republican sympathies, was there a part of you that enjoyed the wedding just a little bit more than you thought you would? Phone me on 0845 60 60 973.

Make sure you are listening at 9pm when I will be getting reaction from 'Lady Thatcher' among others to the day's events. There might be a word or two from Ed Miliband too...

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Ben Brogan wants to see Cameron's inner Tory.
2. Michael Crick thinks Lansley may swap with Hammond.
3. Quentin Letts gives his thoughts on the sexism scandal.
4. Political Scrapbook reveals Chris Grayling faces sleaze probe.
5. Caroline Crampton wonders if Norman Lamb has got his facts right.
6. Gay Collins looks at how to achieve equality in the boardroom.
7. Daniel Knowles makes Ed Balls aware of the facts.
8. Richard English stands up for Britain.
9. Walaa Idris addresses the issue of Barack Obama's birth.
10. David Gibson hopes this wedding questions future Royal Invitations.
11. Byrne Tofferings supports the EU, go and tell him what you think.
12. Guido unveils No to AV's secret weapon...

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7-9PM As the big day approaches it’s the Royal Wedding all the way on the programme tonight, right up to 9pm. Is your bunting up, have you put your flags out? How will you be marking the big day? Over the next two hours we’re going to preview the events of tomorrow and I want to hear from you what you’re planning to do, are you camping out on the Mall tonight, I want to know what you think of the royal wedding and whether we’ve all gone over the top. Personally I think all grumpiness should be banned for the day and let us as a country come together and rejoice. But if you want to have a grump let’s get it over with tonight, shall we? 0845 60 60 973

9-10PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett

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Reward! What Should I Call My New Site?

As I wrote HERE, in a few weeks time, I will be launching a new website. But I have a problem. I still can't decide what to call it.

It's a kind of blogazine - I will write every day on the site, but there will be 30 or 40 other contributors from politics and the media. Some you will have heard of - others you won't know. The site won't have any political line, and we'll have film and book reviews too.

Iain Dale & Co, Iain Dale & Friends, The Iain Dale Collective, The Iain Dale Collection are all suggestions that have been made, but I wonder if it would be better to have a name which didn't include mine. Someone suggested Agora. I rather like that, but maybe it's too offbeam, and not enough people know what it means.

One thing I do know is that I don't want to use a derivative of my surname.


And to encourage you, I will offer £100 worth of books to anyone who comes up with the name I eventually go with!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Norman Tebbit gets tough on Tim Farron and the Lib Dems.
2. Caroline Crampton speaks to Andrew Lansley on NHS reform.
3. Guido Fawkes argues against injunctions.
4. Charlie Beckett thinks Marr should quit interviewing politicians.
5. David Singleton looks at how David Cameron has ended spin.
6. James Forsyth reckons the PM needs to control his temper.
7. Andrew Neil rejoices as Britain avoids a double dip.
8. Nicholas Watt examines the future Lib Dem leader.
9. Conor Pope shows the danger of Parliamentary emails.
10. Natalie Gonnella looks at what US conservatives think of Trump.
11. Alastair Campbell can't call the French election.
12. Sam Bowman wants to make libertarianism more relevant.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Syria: What should we do about Syria? Is diplomatic protest enough? Should the coalition widen its remit to take action against Syria if the killings continue? Guests: Sir Andrew Green (former Ambassador to Syria) and Roger Godsiff MP (Lab, Chairman of the All Party Group on Syria).

8PM Royal Wedding: William and Kate haven’t issued a wedding list, but most couples still do. Are they outdated? Do they irritate you as much as they irritate me? If you were buying a present for William & Kate, what would it be? What’s the worst wedding present you got, and would it have been avoided if you had had a wedding list?

9PM LBC Parliament with Nigel Farage (UKIP leader), Norman Lamb (LibDem, North Norfolk & Chief Political & Parliamentary Adviser to Nick Clegg), Michael Fallon (Con, Sevenoaks and Political Adviser to the Prime Minister), and Jeremy Corbyn (Lab, Islington North)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Amber Elliot gives her take on the AV referendum.
2. Ed Staite reckons Chris Huhna has damaged politics forever.
3. Thomas Sowell warns against the Republicans choosing Donald Trump.
4. Guido thinks using Mandy is a sign of desperation.
5. Alex Deane highlights Andrew Marr's hypocrisy.
6. Nick Silver explores the true scale of our national debt.
7. Ben Brogan analyses the politics of Nazi graffiti
8. Mark Ferguson shows why Labour aren't ready for an election.
9. Daniel Korski wonders if we will see a Deputy Prime Minister's Office.
10. David Hencke supports progressive electoral reform, but is voting no to AV.
11. Katharine Birbalsingh wants results before we give teachers a fortune.
12. David Howden examines Mervyn King's "Operation Bernhard".

On My LBC Programme From 7pm...

7PM AV: Could it threaten the future of the coalition? Will you be voting along partisan lines or are you actually looking at the arguments? Will you take Peter Mandelson’s advice and use your vote to give David Cameron a kicking or is this referendum more important than that? How can the two campaigns get your vote over the next nine days?

8PM NHS: A fifth of staff at some hospitals wouldn’t want their own family treated in them. What does that tell us? Does it reinforce the arguments of those who believe the NHS needs radical reform? What does it say about those who work in the 12hospitals concerned that they clearly tolerate bad standards of care and cleanliness?

9PM LBC Medical Hour with Dr Rob Hicks.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. The ASI encourages the government to allow free schools to make a profit.
2. Graeme Archer tackles the myths of Yes to AV.
3. Archbishop Cranmer flaunts the idea of Arnie, President of Europe.
4. Walaa Idris wonders if it is time to say goodbye to the EU.
5. Christine Odone shows why Kate Middleton will be better than Diana.
6. Alistair Thompson thinks Miliband needs to worry about AV splits.
7. Nick Pickles reminds the Daily Mail of their paparazzi pledge.
8. Julian Huppert attacks the government's digital policy.
9. Aarron Ellis doesn't think we should be in Afghanistan.
10. Mark Ferguson reckons Nick Clegg is a massive liability.
11. Douglas Carswell has discovered the eurosceptics secret weapon.
12. Tim Worstall shows us how to make money out of the new Cuba.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM NHS Cuts: Are NHS cuts a complete myth? That’s the conclusion the Daily Mail’s James Slack has come to. More money than ever is going into the NHS. Is it about time we faced up to the truth that it is trade unions and vested interests who are misleading the British public and that the supposed cuts just aren’t happening?

8PM Cigarette Bins: Westminster City Council today won their court case against Addison Lee, the cab company, who were being challenged over their sponsorship of cigarette bins outside pubs and restaurants. The council spent £100,000 on the case. Do you, like me, think this is a scandalous waste of public money?

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Brendan O'Neill defends the working class.
2. City Unslicker wants peopel to stop using children as shields.
3. Daniel Hannan shows that an EU budget hike will wipe out spending cuts.
4. Matthew Hancock thinks Labour are taking lessons from the US.
5. John Redwood calls for a freeze in the aid budget.
6. Political Scrapbook looks at the loser Lib Dem Lords.
7. Mark Pack can even learn a thing or two from Lord Ashcroft.
8. Anthony Painter analyses the conservatism of the Left.
9. Madsen Pirie offers an alternative to bailouts.
10. Labour Uncut are shocked by Tom Watson's apology.
11. Direct Democracy aren't pleased with the EU budget rise.
12. Charlotte Henry tweaks the Cabinet.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM EU Budget: Incredibly the EU thinks Britain should pay another £680 million into its coffers. It wants to increase its budget by 4.9% next year – that on top of the 6% increase it demanded this year. Why should British taxpayers pay a single penny more into the EU budget when we’re having to make budget cuts at home? Guests: Nigel Farage and Patrizio Fiorilli, a spokeman for the European Commission.

8PM The Living Wage: The cosmetics chain Lush has become the first private sector company to guarantee its staff a living wage of £7.85 an hour. No Oxford Street retailer will commit to the scheme. Should London employers follow the 140 City organisations and the public sector and adopt the Living Wage? Or do you think that employers have far too many burdens and red tape to deal with that they just can’t cope with any more extra costs?

9PM LBC Parliament with Chris Leslie (Labour MP for Nottingham East), Jonathan Isaby (Co-editor of ConservativeHome) and Jo Christie-Smith (LibDem blogger)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mats Persson analyses the price of the Euro in Finland.
2. Colin Bullen looks at the betrayal of our fishermen.
3. Guido has 170 billion reasons why Brown shouldn't be IMF Chief.
4. James Green reports that the Daily Mail is going to takeover the world.
5. Witterings from Witney shows why MPs work for party, not constituents.
6. Mark Ferguson takes a look at the "Purple Bookers".
7. Roger Helmer asks where are the cuts?
8. Conservative Home unveil Boris' new team.
9. Dizzy thinks Libya is good, especially if it is for oil.
10. David Gibson reckons the USA should forget Cold War feuds.
11. Biteback are pleased with the Twitter furore they have caused.
12. Political Scrapbook reveal more than 50 Lib Dem councillors have defected.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Libya: Britain is sending military advisers to advise the rebels. Is this proof that we now have Mission Creep? Guests: John Baron MP & Douglas Alexander MP

8PM IMF: David Cameron is said to be ready to veto Gordon Brown as head of the IMF? Is he right to do so, or is it a sign of political vindictiveness? Guests: Derek Scott and Jacqui Smith.

9PM LBC Medical Hour with Dr Peter Ilves.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. The Evening Standard calls on Londoners to vote NO to AV.
2. Ben Brogan proves why George Osborne is right.
3. The ASI reckons the True Finns are a sign of things to come in the EU.
4. Jim Pickard shows Widdy would have won Strictly under FPTP.
5. Jeremy Browne highlights the achievements of the Lib Dems.
6. Nick Robinson is wondering where Nick Clegg has gone.
7. Dan Hannan explains why Britain shouldn't join the Portugese bailout.
8. Political Scrapbook report that Liverpool Lib Dem Leader quits.
9. The Mole has two good reason why Vince Cable shouldn't get the sack.
10. Mark Wallace reveals the mess behind the scenes at Census 2011.
11. Rory Meakin wants to go without publically funded dance.
12. Will Heaven thinks two young historians maybe the future of the Conservatives.

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM AV: Is this the most offputting political campaign in recent memory? Is the intervention of David Cameron a desperate attempt by the No supporters to add some respectability to their campaign? And what do you make of the fact that the Yes campaign's inability to get Ed Miliband and Nicl Clegg to share the same platform?

8PM London: How English is London? John Cleese reckons London has become distinctly unEnglish and he’s moved to Bath, which he considers more English. What word would you use to describe our capital city and has it changed over the last thirty years?

9PM LBC Book Club with Humfrey Hunter (The Men Files: What men Really Think About Life, Love, Dating and A Whole Lot More, Headline, Hardback, £12.99) and Neil Humphreys (Premier Leech, Marshall Cavendish, Paperback, £7.99)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Lynette Burrows "Snogging" Interview

Several people have asked me to post the interview I did on Thursday on my LBC programme with "Family commentator" Lynette Burrows. It lasts ten minutes and I can assure you is well worth listening to the end. I was speaking to her about whether kissing in public is ever acceptable, in the light of the two gay men who were thrown out of the John Snow pub in Soho for kissing.

LynetteBurrows by IainDale

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Total Politics have some exciting news.
2. Fraser Nelson says no to Gordon Brown's hair of the dog.
3. Michael Heaver reveals Nigel Farage wants to legalise drugs.
4. Guido shows us Man vs the UK tax code.
5. Mark Thompson reckons there is no going back if there is a Yes vote.
6. And finally, a congratulations is in order for Con Home's latest recruit.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Freedom to kiss: Last night we covered the story of how two men were thrown out of a Soho pub for kissing. Tonight several hundred people are staging a snogathon outside the pub, which has reportedly closed its doors for the evening. Is this a wonderful example of how the internet can organise an instant protest, or an unseemly example of moral degeneration?

8PM Libya: Is the cat now out of the bag? Have the three main coalition partners made a huge error in saying the bombing will continue until Gadaffi goes? It really is all about regime change, isn’t it? Do you think Parliament should be recalled to discuss this mission creep?

9PM Newspapers: As we see newspaper circulation figures continuing to decline, I want to know whether you’ve changed your newspaper reading habits and why? Do you still buy your daily newspaper, or do you read online? Have you subscribed to the Times? What is the future for newspapers?

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Total Politics Buys Campaigns & Elections

Friday 15th April 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

++ For all media enquiries please contact Shane Greer ++

Biteback Media acquires Campaigns & Elections

Biteback Media publishing group, which publishes Total Politics magazine, has expanded internationally by purchasing three titles, Campaigns & Elections (US), Campaigns & Elections (Canada) and Campaigns & Elections (Latin America), through Biteback’s US arm Political Holdings Limited US Inc..

Campaigns & Elections (US) was founded in 1980 by Stanley Foster Reed, and covers the strategies, techniques, and personalities of modern politics. It is read by tens of thousands of federal, state and local elected officials, candidates for public office, party activists, issue campaigners, political consultants, campaign staffs, lobbyists, PAC directors, university professors, news reporters and numerous behind-the-scenes opinion makers.

The acquisition was led by Shane Greer, Chief Executive of Biteback Media and President of Political Holdings Limited US Inc., who will act as publisher of the Campaigns & Elections group of magazines.

Remarking on the acquisition, Greer said: “This is a busy time for Total Politics and the Campaigns & Elections group of magazines. With the 2012 presidential election around the corner, and the editorial and event synergies between the UK, US, Canadian and Latin American titles the next couple of years promise to be an exciting period for the group.”

Founder and publisher of Total Politics, and Managing Director of the Biteback Group, Iain Dale said: “I’m delighted to see Campaigns & Elections become part of the group. It’s a natural fit and the opportunities are tremendous. It will also give Biteback Publishing a US base and enable it to expand its US book publishing activities. I look forward to seeing the group’s magazine interests expand and develop under Shane’s leadership.”


Notes for the editor:
Total Politics was launched in 2008 and is published monthly. It is strictly non-partisan and is committed to being unremittingly positive about the political process.
Campaigns & Elections is based in Washington DC.
Biteback Publishing is part of the Biteback Group and publishes political books in the UK

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Charlie Edwards interviews Iain Dale.
2. Andrew Pierce reckons Joseph Rowntree would be turning in his grave.
3. Dan Hannan says if you want to control immigration, leave the EU.
4. Mike Dean wants local councils to be liberated from regulation.
5. Caroline Crampton thinks nobody wants to reform the Lords.
6. Guido unveils Yvette Cooper's new haircut.
7. Edmund Coleridge gives his thought on a "Blue Book".
8. Daniel Knowles is more worried about our emigration problem.
9. Stephanie Lis defends strip clubs.
10. Better Nation think the SNP have the upper hand.
11. Peter Hoskin reports on Cameron's other speech.
12. Tim Worstall tackles the Robin Hood Tax.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Public Sector Strikes: Nurses and prison officers are threatening to go on strike. Both work in vital public services. Is it ever right for nurses or prison officers to strike? Do you think all public services should have no strike agreements, or would you go one step further and make strikes illegal in all public services?

8PM Gay equality: Two men have been thrown out of a Soho pub for kissing. Does the sight of two people of the same sex kissing turn your stomach, or does it in this day and age make you rather proud that we are a more tolerant and accepting society? And what about public displays of affection more generally? Should they be kept private? Guests: Andy Wasley from and Social Commentator Lynette Burrows.

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett from Outer Temple Chambers.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Sadie Smith will not be protesting against the Royal Wedding.
2. Working Class Tory warns us not to be fooled by Yes to AV.
3. Mark Wallace reveals the new NUS President hasn't been a student since 2006.
4. Simon Jenkins wants drug reform.
5. Sam Bowman argues that immigration restrictions make us poorer.
6. Christian May is fed up of celebrities telling him what to with AV.
7. Jonathan McClory on the rise and fall of SpAds.
8. Paul Goodman examines Osborne's submarine strategy.
9. Peter Hoskin reckons the Tories have a middle class problem.
10. Harry's Place analyse the Yes to AV campaign.
11. Tim Stanley warns us not to write of Donald Trump.
12. Political Scrapbook gives us the inside story on Aaron Porter.

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM Libya: As Moussa Koussa leaves Britain for Qatar I want to know what on earth our government thinks it’s doing allowing an alleged war criminal to come and go as he pleases. Guests: Rob Halfon MP and Sir Max Hastings.

8PM Universal benefits: The Tory chair of the GLA Health Committee says universal benefits are inherently wasteful. Is he right? Should free bus travel for pensioners be cut? Should the Freedom Pass be withdrawn? Should the winter fuel allowance only go to those who need it? Guests: Jackie Ashley & Edwina Currie (provisional)

9PM LBC Parliament with former LibDem Director of Communications, Mark Littlewood, Labour MP for Mitcham & Morden Siobhain McDonagh, and Conservative GLA member, James Cleverly.

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My Tribute to Simon Milton on LBC Last Night


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Amber Elliot will never be Melanie Phillips.
2. Conservative Home pay tribute to Sir Simon Milton.
3. John Redwood thinks Norman Lamb has to be careful.
4. Gary Gibbon reports that Carswell has called for Osborne to be investigated.
5. Peter Hoskin isn't celebrating the fall in inflation.
6. Guido didn't learn anything from the Yes to AV broadcast.
7. Christine Odone is glad the NHS has finally admitted bad nurses exists.
8. Anna Racoon wants lesbian blood.
9. Political Scrapbook wonders why the Lib Dems are so ashamed.
10. Evan Price explains why he will be voting No to AV.
11. Dan Cooke reckons Cameron can learn from Donald Trump.
12. Ken Frost on council houses.

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM London Ambulance Service: twenty per cent of the staff employed by the London Ambulance Service will disappear over the next five years. A cut too far, or an example of how every public service has to shoulder its burden of the cuts? But didn’t David Cameron tell us the NHS budget was ringfenced?

8PM The great British Pub: Is the British Pub dying on its feet? Punch Taverns believe there is no future for the drinks led British pub. How can the British pub revive its fortunes?

9PM LBC Medical Hour with Dr Peter Ilves.

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Sir Simon Milton 1961-2011

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Simon Milton was one of life’s good guys. Likeable, clever, competent and above all a conciliator. Even political opponents found it difficult to be nasty about him. He was also a leader. He led Westminster City Council and the LGA with huge distinction and has been a pivotal force in City Hall as Boris Johnson’s deputy – he truly was the real power behind the throne.

As a member of the Total Politics advisory board he was a great source of calm and well intentioned advice and we shall miss his wise counsel greatly. He was a tremendous source of encouragement to me, especially in the early days when the magazine was in its infancy and I always knew he was there for us if we needed him.

Politics was robbed yesterday of a truly remarkable individual. I had always assumed that he would be elevated to the House of Lords and serve as a government minister. It may be a cliché, but he had so much more to contribute, so much more to give.

His partner Robert will be bereft, and it is he who is in my thoughts as I write this.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Howard Flight has the key to promoting social mobility.
2. Guido Fawkes is fed up of the Cameroon aganeda against consumers.
3. Sadie Smith warns that somebody is watching you.
4. Charles Moore thinks Conservatives need to look at Oz for success.
5. Fraser Nelson in praise of Niall Ferguson.
6. Paul Waugh wonders if you cry or grimace at Nick Clegg.
7. Eamonn Butler wants to ban government from borrowing.
8. Norman Tebbit explains how New Labour destroyed the Civil Service.
9. Ellee Seymour gives her verdict on the iPad 2.
10. Mark Wallace states why he is against a Burkha ban.
11. Boris Johnson is sure News International aren't the only hackers.
12. Harry's Place are impressed with the NO2AV ad.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Gordon Brown: Gordon Brown has admitted for the first time, he got it wrong on banking regulation. Is it time to reevaluate his record? And what did you make of the interim report of the banking commission today? Should retail and investment banking be totally split as the LibDems want?

8PM Arsenal: With Arsenal’s takeover today, half of UK Premier League clubs are now owned by foreign owners. Does it really matter?

9PM LBC Book Club with Bobby Friedman, author of Bercow: Mr Speaker (Gibson Square, £17.99, hardback) and Christian Wolmar. Author of Engines of War: How Wars Were Won & Lost on the Railways (Atlantic, £20, hardback)

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Friday, April 08, 2011

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Bryan Caplan explains 40 things he has learnt in his 40 years.
2. Lord Ashcroft uses the example of Tiger Hewson to savage AV.
3. Logical Conclusion knows exactly what the alternative is.
4. Biteback reveal your Prime Ministers Who Never Were.
5. Michael Crick reports that you can rent out Lib Dem HQ.
6. Luke Bozier has a few ideas to start up Portugal.

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM Phone Hacking: As News International issues an unreserved apology for the News of the World Phone Hacking scandal, I want to know if we should blame ourselves, as well as tabloid journalists for this scandal.

8PM Lap Dancing Clubs: The City of London corporation wants to ban all lap dancing clubs from September in the square mile due to their damaging impact on women. Good decision, or yet another example of our elders and betters knowing what’s good for us?

9PM The value of reading: Research shows that the only out of school activity that will really enhance a teenager’s career prospects is reading. Computer gaming teenagers however are less likely to go to university. So reading for pleasure as a teenager helps your career prospects. Who’d have thought? Did reading as a youngster help you? And I also want to talk about literary festivals which are experiencing somewhat of a revival. Have you been to one recently in your own town, or do you go to the big ones in Oxford or Hay? What do you get out of them?

Listen at 97.3 FM, on DAB, Sky 0112, Virgin 973 or at Phone in on 0845 60 60 973. Text 84850. Email Tweet me @lbc973

The Sky News Paper Review on Wednesday

On the Sky News paper review on Wednesday Sally Bercow chose the Times front page story about the grooming of children in Blackpool takeaways as one of her stories to discuss. At the end of the discussion, she was asked by the Sky News presenter Anna Botting what lessons could be learned from this. She replied: "Don't go for a takeaway in Blackpool." It was an off the cuff flippant remark, made on the spur of the moment. My instant reaction was to laugh at her remark. It was more of a nervous reaction to what she said rather than because I found it hilariously funny.

Since then, a disgsuting internet campaign has been launched against Anna Botting, on the basis that she had said what Sally had said. Even when it was pointed out that it had nothing to do with Anna, the people behind the campaign didn't acknowledge the fact. Indeed, today they seem to have decided that I am the guilty one because I laughed at what Sally said.

Sky have issued the following statement on their Facebook page. "We note some complaints aimed incorrectly at Sky News presenter Anna Botting in connection with the sex grooming cases in Blackpool. It was in fact a guest newspaper reviewer who made the comment "Don’t go for a takeaway in Blackpool" and not Anna. We are sorry for any offence caused by the guest reviewer's remark."

Sometimes on live TV and radio things are said in the heat of the moment which are not appropriate. Reactions can also be inappropriate. My reaction in no way was meant to indicate a lack of appreciation of the seriousness of the grooming of children. The whole incident has clearly caused offence to some people and I am happy to apologise for my part in that. What I also regret, however, is the vicious nature of the campaign launched against Anna, Sally and me on various internet sites. It shows the internet at its worst.

I'm not going to say anything further on this, no matter how much various internet trolls try to provoke me.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Toby Young is "the worst man in Britain".
2. Andrew Lilico analyses the Portuguese economic crisis.
3. Luke Bozier highlights Labour's profligacy and hypocrisy.
4. Working Class Tory thinks it is back to the future.
5. James Gourlay explains why the LSE should revoke Gadaffi's PhD.
6. Ben Brogan says we must remember Cameron didn't win.
7. Fraser Nelson takes a look at the schools revolution.
8. Daniel Hannan reckons the EU is stuck in an episode of Life on Mars.
9. Sophy Ridge reports on another Letwin gaffe.
10. Steve Baker has hope in monetary reform.
11. Gordon MacMillan shows that the Lib Dems aren't doing to well.
12. Peter Black thinks the Speaker is being a hypocrite.

On My LBC Show From 7pm

7PM The Portuguese Bailout: George Osborne says if he hadn’t imposed such swingeing cuts, Britain might be heading the way of Portugal and needing a massive bailout. Is he right? Does the plight of Portugal convince you that Britain’s heading down the right path? And should we say thank you to Gordon Brown to for making sure we never went into the Euro?

8PM Swearing: Wayne Rooney has been banned for two matches for swearing. Why do we still consider swearing to be beyond the pale? Swear words are just words like any other words, aren’t they? Why do we get offended by swear words. Should sports people like Wayne Rooney lose sponsorship deals just for swearing? Do kids take the lead from sports personalities like Rooney?

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett from Outer Temple Chambers
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Peter Hoskin looks at the winners and losers on Black Wednesday.
2. Douglas Carswell wonders if unpaid internships will end in the Commons.
3. JP Floru thinks the ASA isn't fit for the 21st century.
4. Tim Montgomerie warns Cameron not to upset the right wing media.
5. Mark Pack wants more hypocrisy please.
6. Jeffrey Tucker explains why Rebecca Black is a libertarian.
7. Toby Young reckons left wingers just aren't good at blogging.
8. Quentin Letts doesn't want to be run by Lefties and luvvies.
9. Francesca Preece shows why Bob Crow is a hypocrite.
10. Mark Wallace isn't convinced about the peace in Northern Ireland.
11. Nadine Dorries gives her take on NHS reform.
12. Julia Manning is against gentically testing teenagers.

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Libya: Do we really have the stomach to keep bombing Gaddafi for six months or more? Are we in so deep now that it’s difficult to extricate ourselves, or should we emulate Obama and say we’re going to leave it to others to take the lead in future?

8PM The Census: More than 7 million householders have failed to return their census forms. Are you one of them? What will you say when you get a knock on the door?

9PM LBC Parliament with Andrew Slaughter MP (Lab, Hammersmith & Shadow Justice Minister), Mark Pack (LibDem Voice)and Sheila Gunn (former press secretary to John Major and author of So You Want to be a Political Journalist).

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. The Guardian covers the Rally Against Debt.
2. Mehdi Hasan shows that Labour would cut more than Thatcher too.
3. Raheem Kassam warns of the danger of North Korea.
4. Brendan O'Neill thinks Clegg is patronising poor students.
5. Harry Cole explains the real alternative march.
6. Tim Montgomerie looks at what right wingers think of themselves.
7. Ed Jacobs highlights the woes of the Scottish Lib Dems.
8. Peter Hoskin has a 5 poitn guide to the Coalition's social mobility report.
9. David Blackburn follows George Monbiot's transformation.
10. Walaa Idris looks forward to the US Presidential race.
11. Alastair Campbell reckons Lansley has been Spelmanned.
12. Political Scrapbook has footage of the Greg Barker speech on Thatcher.

On My LBC Show From 7pm

7pm The Rally Against Debt: Sideshow or the voice of the silent majority

8pm Should we abolish the school uniform?

9pm LBC Medical hour

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Norman Tebbit delivers a damning attack on the Alternative Vote.
2. Nick Pickles shows that Ed Balls can buy a constituency.
3. Sunny Hundal explains why even he will be rallying against debt.
4. Roger Bootle proves that we need some Thatcherite radicalism.
5. Katie Anderson reveals the most irritating politician in the UK.
6. Matthew Sinclair wants the left to be horrified at high taxes too.
7. Andrew Pierce discovers that David Miliband is a tax avoider.
8. Anton Howes tackles the issue of squatting.
9. Liberal Vision reckon The Observer needs to do more fact checking.
10. Sadie Smith wants to ban MPs from Twitter.
11. Biteback are pleased to announce a new autobiography.
12. Simon Clark has a lesson for life.

Nadine Dorries & Me: The Truth (For the Benefit of the Daily Mail)

Sometime last week on my LBC programme - it could have been in the Parliament hour on Wednesday* - we were talking about selling things to your friends and how it can all go wrong. In a 5 second aside I mentioned that a couple of years ago I sold a car to a friend and six months later the engine blew up. And even though it was clearly nothing to do with me, I still felt really guilty about it. The friend in question was Nadine Dorries. The car was a year 2000 small Jaguar.

The next day Nadine texted me to ask if I had mentioned her on my programme as she had had several texts from people about it. I told her what I'd said and we had a good laugh about it.

She's just called again to say that the Daily Mail have just been on the phone asking her about it, and was it true that I had sold her a completely duff, how much had she paid for the car, and had it caused a falling out between us? She made very clear that she had no intention of telling them how much she had paid for it, it wasn't a duff car and we were still the best of friends.

But I suspect that isn't how it will be written up in the Daily Mail tomorrow.

The most interesting part of this story as far as I am concerned is that none of the people who texted Nadine live anywhere London. LBC clearly has a much wider reach than some people think!

* A listener has been in touch to say that it was in the legal hour on Thursday, because we were discussing a listener's car buying problem.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Daran Hill gives a touching tribute to Brynle William AM.
2. David Owen gives his reason for voting no to AV.
3. Martin Shapland thinks that Ed Miliband is just ridiculous.
4. Harry Phibbs asks if you will be joining him on a rally against debt.
5. Fraser Nelson praises Chris Grayling.
6. No to AV explain what will happen if AV is introduced...

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Is the AV referendum campaign about to catch light: The No2Av campaign releases a new video warning about the dangers of splinter party voters determining who will win in 30 seats, and David Cameron launches a blistering attack on AV. Chris Huhne writes to Tory chairman Sayeeda Warsi accusing her of supporting what he calls “the politics of the gutter” and asking her to disown the scaremongering and misleading publicity of the No2AV campaign.

And today The Electoral Commission says it is about to spend £6 million publicising the fact that the AV referendum is taking place on 5 May in a series of media ads and by means of sending a booklet to every household.

8PM Speed cameras: Back on August 1 2010 car drivers in Oxfordshire rejoiced as the county’s speed cameras were switched off. But only 8 months later, they’re switching them back on again. Do you think they are right to do that, or do you wonder how they can make such a switch after such a short time? Do you think speed cameras still perform a useful role, or should we do away with them altogether and spend the money on better forms of speed reduction.

9PM Video Games: What’s the attraction? I’ve never played a video game in my life. I can’t see the point of them, but video games are now outselling both DVDs and albums. Why do people think video games are more relaxing that watching films or listening to music? Convince me that I should give video games a go.

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My Return to Blogging: The Truth Behind The New Iain Dale & Co Site

Ok, the last post was just my idea of a little bit of fun. It's amazing the number of people who read it and didn't realise it was an April Fool. I thought it was one of my more obvious ones.

However, there was more than a kernel of truth in it. And here is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I currently have a new website being designed, with the intention of launching it within the next four to six weeks. It won't be a single person authored blog, because my reasons for stopping my blog are still valid. However, I will be writing on it most days, but the exciting thing is that I have recruited an army of around 30 people from the world of politics, media and the arts to join me. It's not meant to be a Huffington Post, but that's the closest analogy I can think of. Each contributor will write pieces whenever they like, hopefully at least once a week. Many of the contributors will be familiar to you, some won't, but I have asked them all to take part because of their brilliant writing.

The site won't just be concerned with politics and it won't have a politically biased editorial line. Contributors include Labour and LibDem supporters. We'll have book and film reviews, a little bit of sport, and there are several contributors from the world of radio and TV. I've also recruited several contibutors who have been well known bloggers, but like me decided to call it quits. Each contributor will have their own RSS feeds, and their own pages. The site is going to be designed with a magazine/newspaper feel ratheer than a blog. Readers will be encourged to comment on articles, but they will have to register with their real details. I'm not allowing any anyonymous comments on the site. Been there. Done that.

I've still to decide on a name - all suggestions gratefully received. Iain Dale & Co or Iain Dale & Friends are the current frontrunners, but neither are exactly innovative.

I don't know if this will work or not. Whenever I had guest contributors in the past people said they didn't like it and they came to my site to read me and me alone. Well, in theory you'll still be able to do that on the new site, but I really think the team I have put together will be provide a fascinating mix of political and media commentary.

The problem was, on the old site - this site -50% of the readers returned 3 or more times a day and expected new content when they did. In the end I couldn't provide it. The idea of the new site is that I will write once a day but there will be between 5 and 10 other articles to keep people entertained.

Once the site design has developed, I'll update you further, and provide details of some of the great names I have signed up to write for the site.

PS The illustration above is just too show you how you will be able to scroll through contributors. Zac, Shami and Dan are not contributors to the new site. Well, not yet anyway.

PPS If you have ideas for potential contributors, I'd be happy to consider them.

Why I've Decided to Start Blogging Again

It's nearly four months since I quit blogging. So many people have been kind enough to tell me they have missed my daily jottings, and indeed, I have missed them myself. My life just hasn't been quite the same. Indeed, I'm sure you won't think it pretentious of me to say that since I left, the whole blogoshere hasn't been quite the same. It's been a bit like Take That without Robbie, hasn't it? Admit it, your day hasn't been as fulfilling without being able to read my Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists, or me asking why, oh why oh why so and so shouldn't be strung up from the nearest lamppost. OK, you can still read those magic words "On my LBC Show tonight..." and little Grant does his best with the Daley Dozen, but it's not as good as when I did it, is it?

Which brings me to the point of this post. Despite there only being 24 hours in the day I have decided to return to the blogging fray. I can already hear the nation rejoicing, as a little part of England flowers again.

Inevitably there will be minor changes to the blog. Due to my job at LBC I have to obey Ofcom guidelines, so where previously I might have been able to write "Ed Balls is a talentless piece of dickshit" I may have to say something like "Some commentators have questioned Ed Balls's abilities", but I am sure readers will understand and be able to read between the lines. I can do subtlety.

The other change I shall introduce is to ban anyone from commenting on what I write. It's not becase I am a sensitive little flower - although we all know I can be - but I frankly don't care what anyone else thinks, so why pretend? You come here to read what I write, not some lunatic from Leamington Spa. Don't you? Well don't you?

Another change is that because of my impartiality responsibilities I shall be writing less about politics and more about music. Indeed, the first article I shall post will be a piece titled "Roxette and the philosophy of the Joyride".

So, I am back. With a vengeance. Enjoy.