Friday, April 01, 2011

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7PM Is the AV referendum campaign about to catch light: The No2Av campaign releases a new video warning about the dangers of splinter party voters determining who will win in 30 seats, and David Cameron launches a blistering attack on AV. Chris Huhne writes to Tory chairman Sayeeda Warsi accusing her of supporting what he calls “the politics of the gutter” and asking her to disown the scaremongering and misleading publicity of the No2AV campaign.

And today The Electoral Commission says it is about to spend £6 million publicising the fact that the AV referendum is taking place on 5 May in a series of media ads and by means of sending a booklet to every household.

8PM Speed cameras: Back on August 1 2010 car drivers in Oxfordshire rejoiced as the county’s speed cameras were switched off. But only 8 months later, they’re switching them back on again. Do you think they are right to do that, or do you wonder how they can make such a switch after such a short time? Do you think speed cameras still perform a useful role, or should we do away with them altogether and spend the money on better forms of speed reduction.

9PM Video Games: What’s the attraction? I’ve never played a video game in my life. I can’t see the point of them, but video games are now outselling both DVDs and albums. Why do people think video games are more relaxing that watching films or listening to music? Convince me that I should give video games a go.

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Anonymous said...

News from the doorstep. After 4 days canvassing I finally met a lady who wanted to know more about AV. It's just not engaging the general public. The concept is just too complicated and people can't/can't be bothered... to get it.

Last Saturday we held a debate on AV between Sam Gyimah, our local MP who is also a spokesman for the No2AV campaign, and Peter Facey, Founder of Unlock Democracy. Peter did a good job but failed to make any converts.

If the voter turnout is low and the No vote prevails, I guarantee the Lib Dems will try to keep it on the agenda.