Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Norman Tebbit gets tough on Tim Farron and the Lib Dems.
2. Caroline Crampton speaks to Andrew Lansley on NHS reform.
3. Guido Fawkes argues against injunctions.
4. Charlie Beckett thinks Marr should quit interviewing politicians.
5. David Singleton looks at how David Cameron has ended spin.
6. James Forsyth reckons the PM needs to control his temper.
7. Andrew Neil rejoices as Britain avoids a double dip.
8. Nicholas Watt examines the future Lib Dem leader.
9. Conor Pope shows the danger of Parliamentary emails.
10. Natalie Gonnella looks at what US conservatives think of Trump.
11. Alastair Campbell can't call the French election.
12. Sam Bowman wants to make libertarianism more relevant.

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