Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. The ASI encourages the government to allow free schools to make a profit.
2. Graeme Archer tackles the myths of Yes to AV.
3. Archbishop Cranmer flaunts the idea of Arnie, President of Europe.
4. Walaa Idris wonders if it is time to say goodbye to the EU.
5. Christine Odone shows why Kate Middleton will be better than Diana.
6. Alistair Thompson thinks Miliband needs to worry about AV splits.
7. Nick Pickles reminds the Daily Mail of their paparazzi pledge.
8. Julian Huppert attacks the government's digital policy.
9. Aarron Ellis doesn't think we should be in Afghanistan.
10. Mark Ferguson reckons Nick Clegg is a massive liability.
11. Douglas Carswell has discovered the eurosceptics secret weapon.
12. Tim Worstall shows us how to make money out of the new Cuba.

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javelin said...

A friend in Athens phoned me last night about arranging a holiday. He is a retired London Citi Bank FX trader and still advises the Greek Government. I asked about the default "the paper work is on the table", he said. The reason he phoned me was he asked me to put the holiday back until late August. Join the dots.