Thursday, April 07, 2011

On My LBC Show From 7pm

7PM The Portuguese Bailout: George Osborne says if he hadn’t imposed such swingeing cuts, Britain might be heading the way of Portugal and needing a massive bailout. Is he right? Does the plight of Portugal convince you that Britain’s heading down the right path? And should we say thank you to Gordon Brown to for making sure we never went into the Euro?

8PM Swearing: Wayne Rooney has been banned for two matches for swearing. Why do we still consider swearing to be beyond the pale? Swear words are just words like any other words, aren’t they? Why do we get offended by swear words. Should sports people like Wayne Rooney lose sponsorship deals just for swearing? Do kids take the lead from sports personalities like Rooney?

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett from Outer Temple Chambers
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