Monday, April 18, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. The Evening Standard calls on Londoners to vote NO to AV.
2. Ben Brogan proves why George Osborne is right.
3. The ASI reckons the True Finns are a sign of things to come in the EU.
4. Jim Pickard shows Widdy would have won Strictly under FPTP.
5. Jeremy Browne highlights the achievements of the Lib Dems.
6. Nick Robinson is wondering where Nick Clegg has gone.
7. Dan Hannan explains why Britain shouldn't join the Portugese bailout.
8. Political Scrapbook report that Liverpool Lib Dem Leader quits.
9. The Mole has two good reason why Vince Cable shouldn't get the sack.
10. Mark Wallace reveals the mess behind the scenes at Census 2011.
11. Rory Meakin wants to go without publically funded dance.
12. Will Heaven thinks two young historians maybe the future of the Conservatives.

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