Monday, April 11, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Howard Flight has the key to promoting social mobility.
2. Guido Fawkes is fed up of the Cameroon aganeda against consumers.
3. Sadie Smith warns that somebody is watching you.
4. Charles Moore thinks Conservatives need to look at Oz for success.
5. Fraser Nelson in praise of Niall Ferguson.
6. Paul Waugh wonders if you cry or grimace at Nick Clegg.
7. Eamonn Butler wants to ban government from borrowing.
8. Norman Tebbit explains how New Labour destroyed the Civil Service.
9. Ellee Seymour gives her verdict on the iPad 2.
10. Mark Wallace states why he is against a Burkha ban.
11. Boris Johnson is sure News International aren't the only hackers.
12. Harry's Place are impressed with the NO2AV ad.

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