Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Peter Hoskin looks at the winners and losers on Black Wednesday.
2. Douglas Carswell wonders if unpaid internships will end in the Commons.
3. JP Floru thinks the ASA isn't fit for the 21st century.
4. Tim Montgomerie warns Cameron not to upset the right wing media.
5. Mark Pack wants more hypocrisy please.
6. Jeffrey Tucker explains why Rebecca Black is a libertarian.
7. Toby Young reckons left wingers just aren't good at blogging.
8. Quentin Letts doesn't want to be run by Lefties and luvvies.
9. Francesca Preece shows why Bob Crow is a hypocrite.
10. Mark Wallace isn't convinced about the peace in Northern Ireland.
11. Nadine Dorries gives her take on NHS reform.
12. Julia Manning is against gentically testing teenagers.

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