Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Amber Elliot gives her take on the AV referendum.
2. Ed Staite reckons Chris Huhna has damaged politics forever.
3. Thomas Sowell warns against the Republicans choosing Donald Trump.
4. Guido thinks using Mandy is a sign of desperation.
5. Alex Deane highlights Andrew Marr's hypocrisy.
6. Nick Silver explores the true scale of our national debt.
7. Ben Brogan analyses the politics of Nazi graffiti
8. Mark Ferguson shows why Labour aren't ready for an election.
9. Daniel Korski wonders if we will see a Deputy Prime Minister's Office.
10. David Hencke supports progressive electoral reform, but is voting no to AV.
11. Katharine Birbalsingh wants results before we give teachers a fortune.
12. David Howden examines Mervyn King's "Operation Bernhard".

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