Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sir Simon Milton 1961-2011

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Simon Milton was one of life’s good guys. Likeable, clever, competent and above all a conciliator. Even political opponents found it difficult to be nasty about him. He was also a leader. He led Westminster City Council and the LGA with huge distinction and has been a pivotal force in City Hall as Boris Johnson’s deputy – he truly was the real power behind the throne.

As a member of the Total Politics advisory board he was a great source of calm and well intentioned advice and we shall miss his wise counsel greatly. He was a tremendous source of encouragement to me, especially in the early days when the magazine was in its infancy and I always knew he was there for us if we needed him.

Politics was robbed yesterday of a truly remarkable individual. I had always assumed that he would be elevated to the House of Lords and serve as a government minister. It may be a cliché, but he had so much more to contribute, so much more to give.

His partner Robert will be bereft, and it is he who is in my thoughts as I write this.

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