Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gladdening the heart...

Michael Howard's Council Tax announcement on cancelling Labour's revaluation has gone down very well if today's canvassing is anything to go by. We were in Sheringham tonight and I have never seen as many switchers in one canvassing session. One chap I spoke to said he had voted Labour all his life but he liked what Michael Howard was saying. Another one in the bag then! This morning we did a couple of Council estates in Fakenham. Having cut my political teeth on the Mile Cross estate in Norwich I felt right at home.

It's very strange. There is no sign of Liberal campaigning at all. They put out a couple of leaflets in the first week and that's been it. No sign of them doing much canvassing either. Maybe they have all gone to continue their hopeless quest of ousting Charles Clarke. They really ought to leave that job to Antony Little.

Our poster display has come on leaps and bounds. We're even being complimented on it now. Posters don't gain you a single extra vote, but they certainly gladden the heart of a tired candidate on his way home!

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