Sunday, April 10, 2005

North Lodge Park

This morning I attended the protest at North Lodge Park in Cromer. The LibDem District Council want to sell it off. Here's an extract from a press release today...

This morning Iain Dale attended the protest over the LibDem sell off of North Lodge Park in Cromer. Not a single LibDem councillor was present - neither was local LibDem candidate Norman Lamb.

Iain Dale attacked the Liberal Democrats for 'a perverse sort of gerrymandering' over the proposed sale of North Lodge Park. The LibDems had placed the sale of North Lodge Park on the agenda for the full Council meeting on Wednesday. However, they have now decided to defer discussion on it until after the General Election on May 9th.

Iain says: "I am sure Norman Lamb has pleaded with the LibDem councillors to defer discussion because he knows that if the LibDems drive through this appalling sell-off of one of Cromer's jewels it will cost him many votes. It's another example of trying to 'bury bad news' until after the election. If Norman Lamb had any real influence over the ruling LibDem Council group he would have persuaded them to abandon the sale altogether. Norman Lamb should come out in the open and give us his real views. I am happy to publicly declare that I am opposed to the sale. Why isn't he?"

This afternoon I spent some time helping put up some more posters. I won't knock on doors on Sundays as I think it is intrusive, but it's good to see more posters going up.

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