Thursday, January 19, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: More Trouble at t'Mill for Ruth Kelly

Two exclusives in one morning. I think I need a lie down. Anyway, word reaches me of more trouble for Ruth Kelly. Assuming she is still in her job by then, early next week the Education Select Committee is publishing its report on the Education White Paper. Barry Sheerman, the chairman of the Commitee was on the Today Programme this morning talking about it and was all over the place. As a Blair toady he wants the Committee to support the proposals that La Kelly has put forward, but he is only too well aware of the backbench feeling on this issue. However, the hot news of the morning is that the three Conservatives on the Committee are going to take the very unusual step of issuing a Minority Report as they have refused to sign up to Sheerman's text. It's quite a dramatic step to take. The three Conservatives are Nadine Dorries, Rob Wilson and Douglas Carswell. They will come under immense pressure from Sheerman not to do this. Let's hope they stick to their guns and demonstrate the kind of resolve two of them were sadly lacking during the Conservative leadership contest...

PS Contrary to popular rumour, the picture is not a flash into the future depicting Ruth Kelly leaving her department for the last time).

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