Monday, January 30, 2006

Berlusconi Shows LibDems the Way to Abstinencerillo

In an astonishing act of diplomacy, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi today rescued the Liberal Democrats from further sex scandals by urging them to follow his lead and commit themselves to sexual abstinence until their leadership election is concluded in early March. To a crowd of hundreds the socially conservative Prime Minister yesterday took a vow of 12 weeks celibacy until the Italian election results are announced next April. LibDem leadership contender Ming Campbell said today: "I pay tribute to Sr Berlusconi for this selfless act which I shall have no problem in emulating. I'm past it anyway." Chris Huhne said he was far too busy dreaming up new taxes to even think about the subject, while Simon Hughes said: "If only he had suggested this before, it could have saved me a lot of trouble."

Just my little joke.

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Ian Ridley said...

If only Alan Clarke, David Mellor, Cecil Parkinson, John Major, Piers Merchant, Steven Norris, Jeffrey Archer, Tim Yeo and Richard Spring had exhibited such self control