Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ronald Reagan Remembered

Today is a very special day. 25 years ago today Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States. It's something all Conservatives should celebrate. A great man, a great visionary, a great leader of a great country. To see a video tribute to him CLICK HERE. If you're ever visiting Los Angeles make sure you visit the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. I spent a great day there about 10 years ago. However, the best Presidential Library is the Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda, also just outside LA. I expected to spend a morning there and ended up spending the whole day, and going back for a few hours the next day. Call me sad, if you like. In contrast, the Kennedy Library in Boston is deeply disappointing. Little to see, little content and all in all rather tedious. A few years ago I thought about organising a trip to the US for a group of a dozen political anoraks to visit about a dozen of the Presidential Libraries. I worked out an itinerary but the whole thing would have cost about £4,000 each.


Anonymous said...

The best Presidential library is probably the LBJ library in Austin - well worth the visit. And of course, the Nixon Library is not really a proper Presidential Library, which normally houses the documents and papers relating to that particular President's time in office. Congress felt that that Nixon couldn't be trusted to keep an accurate record of his presidency, so all his Presidential papers are in the National Archive, just outside Washington D.C.; while Yorba Linda might be pretty, there isn't much there for the serious scholar!

Tory Ted said...

Here's to an American Hero.