Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Don't Read on if You're Squeamish

New Labour Unplugged has an interesting new angle on the Oaten affair...

Latest reports claim that Mark Oaten met his rent boy ‘half- hour’ after scouring the pages of gaydar, the website that boasts of having, “whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it here.” This is, of course, the same gay sex site which the New Labour MP for Rhondda and former curate at All Saints, High Wycombe, Chris(t) Bryant, used to post images of himself in 2003 wearing nothing more than an over stuffed pair of white Calvin Klein briefs and the brief come-on - “ fit….bright, solvent and single.” For more click HERE. What on earth would have happened, we wonder, if Chris and Mark had inadvertently stumbled upon one another through such small ads? A new definition of Lab – Lib pact perhaps?

Hardly bears thinking about does it?

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neil craig said...

And after saying you expect to see some Lib Dem MPs entering the Tories.