Friday, January 13, 2006

The Clucking of Nick Clegg

I may have to reconsider my enthusiasm for Chris Huhne after visiting the Supporters Page on his rather awful campaign website. The dreadful Liz Lynne, former MP for Rochdale, is backing him. Right, that does it. Nick Clegg, do your duty! It must be said, though, that Huhne has got quite an impressive list of backers including my favourite LibDem Peer, Baroness Harris of Richmond. All in all, not a bad day for Mr Huhne. He's certainly belying the German meaning of his surname - chicken. That's a word that would more appropriately be applied to Nick Clegg. Now there's a man who will come to really understand the meaning of the phrase "if only...". If Chris Huhne wins, Clegg can say goodbye to the leadership for a decade. Perhaps he will start looking wistfully at the Tory Benches. One can but hope.

UPDATE: Now if you want a good laugh at Mark Oaten CLICK HERE.


Iain Dale said...

Apollo, Ich weiss gar nicht wovon Sie Reden. Alles ist zufall LOL! Ich muss aber gestehen, dass ich Ihren Blog gesehen habe (und genossen). Genug?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps he will start looking wistfully at the Tory Benches. One can but hope."

Sounds wistful, indeed. Why would anybody have chosen the Lib Dems on the first place, if he could even consider joining the Conservative Party, which after all provides better career prospects.