Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sarah Teather Deals Blow (er...) to John Hemming

Glowing with my success at having successfully enticed Chris Huhne into the LibDem leadership contest - and the indications are that this Blog's endorsement of Nick Clegg may have a similar outcome - my eyes are now turning to the LibDem teenage temptress Sarah Teather. The rascally Recess Money points me to a new Blog supporting her candidature. But Monkey also has some commentary, which will come as a bitter blow to fading LibDem leadership aspirant John 'I like families so much I've got two' Hemming...

A Recess Monkey poll has sent a shockwave through the John Hemming campaign machine, putting Sarah Teather in the lead for the first time. In a rigourously empirical survey, we asked LibDems, "If you thought SARAH TEATHER... that's T.E.A... yes , you know, that nice young lady who won the Brent East By-Election. If you thought that SARAH TEATHER could win here, who would you vote for in the Liberal leadership election?" The answer was resounding. ONLY SARAH TEATHER CAN STOP HEMMING HERE!

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Iain Dale said...

you mean jump ship to the Cameroons?!