Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mark Oaten is Innocent Party in Potential Betting Scandal

Is there such a thing as OFBet? Earlier this week William Hill opened a book on whether Mark Oaten would hold his seat at the next election. Bear in mind that when they did this he was still a candidate in the leadership contest and the Rent Boy scandal was still firmly under wraps... apart, of course, to a selection of News of the World journalists and maybe a very very small number of other people. With a majority of more than 9,000 most independent observers would regard the possibility of him losing as rather unlikely...unless, unless there was something that might cause a spectacular downfall. I know nothing about betting and do not partake in it (he says, with a slightly Paddy Ashdown-esque holier than thou moral tone) but I know the stink of hypocrisy when I smell it. Anyone know which body regulates the likes of William Hill so I can ask for an official inquiry and the for the book to be opened? I understand that's the terminology!

UPDATE: I understand from there were also strange betting movements on Betfair related to Oaten.


Anonymous said...

I believe the regulating authority for Wm Hill is the FSA - certainly this is the case with regard to the spread betting firms.

Iain Dale said...
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