Sunday, January 15, 2006

Clare Short Helps Comfort Mo's Husband

The News of the World reports today that Jon Norton, Mo Mowlam's husband, is being "consoled by Clare Short as he struggles to cope with the loss of his wife". According to the NOTW they "are believed to have formed a close bond after getting together at a party shortly before Christmas." Short lost her husband, former Labour MP Alex Lyons to Alzherimers in the early 1990s. I've always had a sneaking liking for Clare Short. She once came into Politico's late at night to find me emerging from the loo doing my flies up. Yes, I know, too much information. We both burst out laughing. If the NOTW report is true I hope they will both be very happy. No one can know what Jon Norton went through looking after Mo during her illness. He deserves every bit of happiness he can find.

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