Sunday, January 29, 2006

LibDem: My Party are Like Intense, Grey-looking Jehovah Witnesses

Which LibDem politician once said the following?

"Liberals are intense, grey-looking people. If you do not happen to be of their political persuasion they can be as bad a Jehovah's Witnesses. One of their advantages is that they are unlikely to be hampered by any formulated policies."

Chris Huhne, hang your head in shame.

Hat-tip to the Mail on Sunday


Anonymous said...

Which is why Huhne is at best a social democrat fallen amongst theives and at worst a centrist fallen amongst thieves. he ain't no Lib Dem.

All the more reason why those of us in the real social democratic party should hope for his victory. It really would be 2-against-1 then as far as the wonder boy Cameron is concerned.

Lib Dems will throw their hands up in horror at this but the prize for them could be great - in government, electoral reform (though ditch the silly STV will you?), and best of all no Tory government before 2050.

Paul Evans said...

Oooh defections!

neil craig said...

At least he never accused them of being the nasty party.