Thursday, January 05, 2006

Knifing Charles II - Norman's Part in CK's Downfall

So my old opponent Norman Lamb was one of the signatories of the letter which was never sent. Credit to him for having the courage to do it and to tell Kennedy to his face he should go. In the end, it seems to me that this level of dissatisfaction with Kennedy is of equal significance to his drinking problem. Should he sack the 11 now? Can they really work with him? Or he with them? I shall look forward to the Lamb memoirs. Remember, Norman was Charles Kennedy's PPS for the 18 months up to the election and will have seen Kennedy warts and all. Simon Hughes has just made clear on Channel 4 News that he is thinking of running against Kennedy, having recently said he would not do so. What a bugger's muddle! And I thought this sort of thing only happened in the Tory Party!

UPDATE: Just had a call from an unnamed Conservative Norfolk based foreign affairs spokesman who told me "I'm so shocked by the news I have had to pour myself a large whisky and have a lie down!"

Just for the record, among the 11 signatories of the letter were: Vince Cable, Sarah Teather, David Laws, Ed Davey, Norman Baker, Sandra Gidley and Michael Moore.

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Anonymous said...

I chuckled all the way through the "personal statement". Not because I don't have any sympathy for Charlie, but rather I was chuckling out of sheer delight at what the papers will say (and perhaps show?) tomorrow...