Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iain Dale's Top 25 Political Blogs

Someone emailed me earlier today asking which blogs I regularly look at, so I thought I'd provide you with the IAIN DALE TOP 25 POLITICAL BLOGS. These are ones that I either look at every day or every couple of days...

1. - Hugely popular, full of gossip and backbiting
2. - Came into its own during the leadership contest
3. Guido Fawkes - Guido writes all the things I daren't
4. Stephen Pollard - Sharp, witty, opinionated - needs daily updating though
5. Adam Smith Institute - Very 'un-wonky', love the joke of the day
6. New Labour Unplugged - They really hate New Labour. Really!
7. Tom Watson MP - One of the first MPs to blog. Needs more frequent updating
8. Once More Unto the Breach - Right of centre comment and analysis
9. Welfare State We're In - James Bartholomew's views on the welfare state
10. Blog - Keeps me up to date with the Republican Party
11. Recess Monkey - Short and pithy. Hilarious graphics sometimes.
12. Nick Robinson - BBC Pol Ed is let loose. Surprisingly free with his views.
13. Burning our Money - Wat Tyler on government waste
14. Drinking from Home - Aggressively witty blog
15. Nile's Blog - LibDem activist Alex Foster. a LibDem with a sense of humour...
16. Liberal England - From Jonathan Calder, aka Lord Bonkers
17. Paul Linford - Political journalist who tells it as it is
18. Despatch Box - incisive and funny but needs daily posts
19. Westminster Village - The odd snippet of insider gossip from the village
20. Wonko's World - very much a right of centre nationalist view of the world
21. LibDem Blogs - A sort of 'best of' site enables me to keep my eye on the yellow peril!
22. Cllr Bob Piper - Brummy Labour councillor. Funny and informative.
23. Jane Griffiths - the mad rantings of a former Labour MP. Barking
24. Tim Worstall - Prolific, thought provoking and comprehensive
25. The Quaequam Blog - One of the best LibDem blogs

Let me know of any blogs you look at regularly which I ought to!


Iain Dale said...

This is true. Banged to rights. Hands in the air. Consider yourself plugged. I shall now add you in at No 26 purely out of shame and guilt.

Anonymous said...

Austin Mitchell MP's blog is quite good too.

Iain Dale said...

Niles, anything to drive your hits Wouldn't dream of relegating you.

Niles said...

Iain, dear, keep it to 25 and take me off.

Mine is only seldom a political blog. It's much more usually personal wibble that need not normally concern your esteemed readership.

Tory Ted said...

If you'd like to keep an eye on politics in the colonies, David Farrar's Kiwiblog is a good read and is updated almost religiously.

Anonymous said...

Check out for all the shocking stories about our government in Europe, written by Britain's foremost historian and expert on the subject.

wonkotsane said...

Thanks for the plug.

Right of centre? I would have said left of centre most of the time with occasional right-wing views but I'll defer to your analysis on the basis that I try not to analyse myself too often just in case I find something I don't like. Does that put me in the traditional Tory voter bracket?

Anyway, Peter Black AM's blog is pretty good.

Ben said...

Well, if we’re advertising:

Racist soup, Jeremy ‘Jihadi’ Beadle and some political ranting from a rabid right-winger; a rabid left-winger and a rabidly indifferent purveyor of organic fruit and veg…

Jonathan Sheppard said...

And I have been shamed into writing more regularly. I'm not sure my wife to be will appreciate me nipping into an internet cafe every day while in Oz - but I do want to rise up those rankings!

Anonymous said... - "A Very British Dude".

Thought-provoking, funny, confrontional - I've no idea who produces it but I'm an avid reader (as I am of Iain Dale's Diary).

Anonymous said...

I think you should have mentioned the blog - or web review - of the think tank Social Affairs Unit.

OK it's not strictly a political blog - but they do have excellent writers - including Anthony Daniels - and they do publish a lot of interesting material. They really seem to have taken over from Bunny Smedley/Christopher Montgomery's old Electric Review - but potsing much more regularly admittedly with less bitchy political material. "The Snake" has not reappered.

Mike D said...

Thanks for the plug Iain. But please understand that when you become an MP in 2010, we'll be expecting you to extinguish at least some of our money fires.

Johnny O said...

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