Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jack Straw Smitten by Condi Rice

I wonder how many of you had the same thought as me as I watched the Jack and Condi show yesterday? How can I put this delicately? Jack Straw was like a dog on heat. I half expected the two of them to elope on a trip to Uganda at any minute. After all, it wouldn't be the Foreign Secretary's first trip there would it?


Anonymous said...

I know,isn't it all rather sweet?! Kind of reminds me of Ronald Regan and Mrs. Thatcher together - I really used to feel quite sorry for Nancy - she really was a gooseberry.

On a serious note I am really impressed with Condi - presidential material surely?

ContraTory said...

Iain, it's cruel to mock True Love.

neil craig said...

Come back to my place & I'll show you Blackburn.

barbara worth said...

Actually, Iain, I've been thinking this since Jack Straw visited Birmingham with Condi and was photographed trailing round various worthy projects looking like a love struck adolescent.

The thing that worries me most is Jack's wardrobe. I'm sure it's no coincidence that he has started wearing awful pastel shirt and tie combos and strange single breasted suits. Could you and some friends pop over to Blackburn and tell him to stop it right now- in a firm but funny, gay eye for the straight guy kind of way? (Not that I'm hung up on stereotypes, you understand).

I'd be so grateful.

Iain Dale said...

Barbara, I think I would need a very powerful incentive indeed to visit Blackburn, especially as they seem to always beat West Ham...

barbara worth said...

Oh well, I always knew it was a big ask. Perhaps we could persuade Condi to take Jack home with her instead? Lady Finchley is right, Condi is very impressive. If Jack plays his cards right he could be First Bloke.

Ellee Seymour said...

Jack Straw appears like a little schoolboy desperate to please teacher. He lacks statesmanship.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Condi feels the 'same' about the Man of Straw!, im sure she is more than familiar with this inept communists past, along with the rest of the Labour regimes, if the truth is known she probably detests everything the man of Straw and his regime stands for.

Many people calle Americans 'stupid', well they wouldnt be stupid enought to vote labour in twice nevermind three times, well England did vote them out at the last election and we still have them ruling us but thats another story.
November 29, 2004

New Labour: ex-communists

This is somewhat disturbing:

Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary Former Broad Left president of the NUS; branded "a troublemaker" by the Foreign Office when, on an NUS trip to Chile, his "childish politicking" aimed at embarrassing his right-wing opponents, was "nearly disastrous" for Anglo-Chilean relations.

Charles Clarke, Secretary of State for Education Former Broad Left president of NUS; led demonstrations for higher student grants, and was, he admits, "a strong opponent of the foreign policy of the USA".

John Reid, Secretary of State for Health Former Communist and researcher for the Scottish Union of Students. Claimed he joined the CP because it was the only non-Trotskyist political group on campus when he was an undergraduate student at Stirling University.

Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner Former Communist and chairman of the British Youth Council. Led a BYC delegation to Cuba in the 1970s.

Trevor Phillips, chairman, Commission for Racial Equality Former Broad Left president of NUS, led sit-ins, went to Cuba with Mandelson's delegation.

Alan Johnson, Work and Pensions Secretary Says he was close to the Communist Party in his youth, and gets agitated if you suggest he might have been a Trot.


Gordon Brown, Chancellor Showed political colours by choosing to do his PhD thesis on James Maxton, the leader of the rebel Independent Labour Party in the 1920s and 1930s. The ILP was accused by Stalin of being a Trotskyist front.

Alan Milburn, Labour's election planner

Before joining Labour Party in 1983, Milburn was the manager of a socialist bookshop in Newcastle, and a CND activist, described, by Roy Hattersley, as "incapable of writing an election manifesto without drawing the battle lines of the philosophical struggle".

Paul Boateng, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Former left-wing rebel. Once called on Labour Party to "have the guts to support workers who have the guts to fight Thatcher".

Denis MacShane, minister for Europe Former left-wing NUJ leader, arrested on picket lines in the 1970s, once alongside Arthur Scargill. Led the NUJ's biggest strike.

David Blunkett, Home Secretary Former leader of Sheffield City Council, which was known as "the socialist republic of South Yorkshire".

Margaret Hodge, Minister for Children Former leader of Islington Council where she had a bust of Lenin installed in the town hall. During her tenure, it became known as the "Socialist Republic of north London".


Tony Blair, Prime Minister Not known to have believed in anything when young, except God.

That last bit isn't true. Blair was suspected of being a communist spy by the intelligence services. However, they concluded that he wasn't smart enough...

Anonymous said...

Opposites attract, one of them is intelligent and articulate!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Straw ordered a complementary rice

Paul Linford said...

Can we have some more details of Mr Straw's previous trips to Uganda please? I don't think Mr Dale should be publishing such scurrillous material without, er, hard evidence.

Pulsar said...

Didn't Jack once carry the handbag of one Mrs Castle?