Sunday, April 30, 2006

Don't Frighten the Horses

From my Independent on Sunday diary...

The pretty little Hampshire village of Bramdean is getting used to the implications of celebrities living in its midst. Only a few weeks ago the villagers spent their days scowling at the tabloid hacks who were chasing Bramdean resident Mark Oaten. Next weekend their other famous son, TV newsreader Alastair Stewart is having a party. A big one. It’s to celebrate his 25 years in journalism and anyone who’s anyone in TV hackery will be there. So confident is Al of attracting major league celebrities he tells guests on the very grand invitation card: “If you are intending to arrive by helicopter please let us know as we will need to clear the horses and sheep from the fields”. The ITV News Channel must have been paying a very handsome salary indeed. I’m beginning to understand why ITN closed it.

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