Monday, April 24, 2006

Conventional Wisdom Index: Week 5

Sorry this is a day late. Blogger has been playing up... So who's had a good week? Are their fortunes on the up or on the wane? My Conventional Wisdom Index seeks to track the fortunes of the major players in British politics. Next installment on Saturday...

Tony Blair
Pasting on all fronts
David Cameron
Saw off Chameleon attack and great pictures from Norway
Ming Campbell
Yet another anonymous week. Ridiculous comment about selling his Jag merely served to make him look weak.
Gordon Brown
Being blamed for the Chameleon fiasco
Labour Party
Chameleon advert works well with activists but fails to hit home with public. Sleaze inquiry still dominates. Lenders want their money back. Hewitt scores own goal.
Conservative Party
Cameron on the front foot, plays a blinder in Norway.
Liberal Democrats
Michael Brown stormclouds appearing on the horizon. Otherwise yet another anonymous week.
George Bush
Reshuffle in the White House puts Bush back on front foot again - just
Reputation of Politics
Last week I asked 'Can it go any lower?' Answer. Yes.
West Ham United
Cardiff here we come!


Rigger Mortice said...

Can't believe Hewitt doesn't have a category of her own this week.If it hadn't been rumbled by everyone,it would have been one of the finest blags ever.

Anonymous said...

Can you change " Conventional wisdom " to "Tory waiting to get on the Gold list wisdom"

Tony Blair always has a bad week, Cameron never does.

Polls don't seem you to follow your " Conventional Wisdom ".

Either be a tory blog or try to be independent in your views. It is getting very boring - maybe call it Central Office Conventional Wisdom.

Hughes Views said...

Crickey - according to chaps such as you, poor old Mr Blair has had the worst week of his life for about 300 of his 450 (or thereabouts) weeks as PM.

But he looks pretty good on it and the country seems to be a remarkably fine place in which to live under his leadership.......

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous (and they're always anonymous aren't they?), you;re talking a crock of shit. In the 5 weeks I've been doing this I have had David Cameron standing still 3 times, with a downward arrow once nand an upward arrow once. I think if my prime motivation in life was crawling to get on the A List I might have done that rather differently, don't you?
Cat, that will ne next week. Haven't seen the poll in detail but does it not show us ahead, albeit not where we should be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Iain,

I don't agree with anonymous (I guess I'm kind of anonymous? But I don't have a blogger account. Anyway...) but I think you're Cameron rating is a little off.

To say the pictures from Norway were great and that he "played a blinder" is a bit steep I feel. Most of the press seemed to think it was a mistake in the middle of an election.