Saturday, April 29, 2006

Conventional Wisdom Index: Week 6

So who's had a good week? Are their fortunes on the up or on the wane? My Conventional Wisdom Index seeks to track the fortunes of the major players in British politics. Next installment on Saturday...

Tony Blair
Pasting on all fronts for the second week. Actually, a double pasting this week
David Cameron
Evidence that the 'green' initiative is hitting home and strong performance in PMQs
Ming Campbell
Terrible error at PMQs overshadowed everything else
Gordon Brown
Where was Gordon? Staying well out of, that's where
Labour Party
I don't think we need intrude on private grief. Prescott, Clarke, Welsh Peerages, Kinnock's driving ban, Reid's pot...
Conservative Party
Poor poll score from ICM but the Party has avoided looking nasty in attacking Labour. Davis so far playing a blinder
Liberal Democrats
Good poll from ICM but disappointment in Moray and further revelations about their donor Michael Brown
George Bush
New press secretary may start to sharpen his image
Reputation of Politics
I'm sure there will come a time when an upward arrow can be used. Just not yet.


Anonymous said...

"David Cameron ↑
Evidence that the 'green' initiative is hitting home"

Thats a nice bit of spin but surely the green initative has taken a bit of a hit with the news that his driver follows his bike with his clothes, shoes and paperwork. (as reported on Newsnight) And secondly him telling MPs who drive "gas guzzelers" to avoid the main entrance to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Im not so bothered about Daves Chauffeur following him with his shoes and copy of the Telegraph, however, how does Daves butler get to the commons

Anonymous said...

Good week for the conservative party. Sections of the press complaining about the torie approach to the home office debacle instead of the usual accusations of being opportunistic and the nasty party. This approach leaves the focus of attention on the incompetence of this goverment rather than encouraging a negative image of the tories, Well done David Davies and David Cameron.

Anonymous said...

David Davies may be doing well over the Home Office releasing foreign criminals saga, but I would prefer him to take a more robust stance over John Prescott's affair with a civil servant. This Victorian maiden aunt manner of his - "Ooooh, let's not mention anything nasty, it's none of our business, it's a private matter" is ridiculous.

This is definitely not a private matter. John Prescott has been having an affair with a Civil Servant in his department, someone whose paygrade, promotion prospects and assessments depend on him. I'm not saying Ms Temple looks as if she needs looking after, but this should still be considered as abuse of power. Who is being hung out to dry by the Government now? Not JP, but the junior member in the affair.

Then there is the misuse of public money which must have occurred - Ms Temple being ferried around in Prescott's official car on what was obviously not Government business! When he used this little ploy of asking her to bring papers over to his Admiralty Arch flat because he had 'forgotten' them, I shouldn't think she walked there - that was either an official car or a taxi, undoubtedly paid for out of public funds. What about the suggestion of her presence on his Battle Bus during the Election Campaign - most improper for a Civil Servant.

If I can see all this why can't David Davis? He even told the Sky News reporter it was none of their business either - what's the matter with the man?

I don't care who Prescott sleeps with, but I do care if he's using taxpayers' money in the process. There is also the fact that if a man will betray his wife of over 40 years, the rest of us can't expect any truth out of him, can we.

Anonymous said...

"Good poll from ICM but disappointment in Moray "

It was a disappointment just because they rised their prospects in the last few days (when they weren't closed at all in the end).
Without the final claims, the result was pretty good.
The Tory result wasn't good for the party either