Saturday, April 29, 2006

John Prescott: Wasting Police Time

From the Press Association...

Mr Prescott arrived at his Hull home shortly after 3.20pm today. He swept through the gates, which had already been opened, in a large black car with dark windows. After the gates had closed he walked the few yards to his frontdoor with a determined look on his face. The Deputy Prime Minister, who was wearing a grey suit with anopen-necked black shirt, said nothing to reporters waiting outsidehis large detached house. There was no sign of his wife, Pauline. Half an hour before Mr Prescott's arrival four police cars drew upoutside his home in the Sutton area of Hull and a number of officers got out. The handful of police officers lined the short stretch of roadleading up to the gates as Mr Prescott arrived.

Haven't this 'handful' of police officers got something better to do with their time? Like look for criminals to deport?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the police are making up fo the fact that a few months ago half a dozen greepeace types managed to scramble on to fat boys roof, dont tell me they didnt find that hilarious in the police canteen.