Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blair Boxes Himself In Over Clarke Strategy

Tony Blair seems to have boxed himself in with regard to Charles Clarke's future. With the strategy of "Clarke buggered it up, so he's the best man to sort it out", it seems it would be impossible to move him in the reshuffle, already pencilled in for Monday week. So it's a clear choice. Either Clarke is sacked or he stays in situ. Unless of course he resigns before the reshuffle.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. Blair's only gone and arranged the break up of Gary Lineker's marriage.

How much more damage can he do before Thursday?

(Trivia: Alistair Campbell and Linekar seem to have both gone to the same school in Leicester - I can't prove they were there at the same time but they were only born 3 years apart).