Saturday, April 29, 2006

Birmingham To Pilot New Postal Vote Rules in 2007

There used to be a saying at election time in Northern Ireland - Vote Early and Vote Often. No longer. Indeed, so admired are election day procedures in the Province that Birmingham Conservatives announced today they would be adopting their postal vote system for next year's local elections. Council leader Mike Whitby said today...

"Following the problems this week, I am pleased to announce that Birmingham will pilot a Northern Ireland-style system in the local elections in 2007 which can offer the necessary safeguards to ensure our local elections are free, fair and clear of any illegal or corrupt practices. We have consistently argued that our postal vote system is open to abuse, and presents an invitation to cheat. It would seem that despite our best efforts, there are still those who wish to tarnish our democratic reputation yet further. It is vital that the police and the public remain vigilant to ensure that the results on the 4th May reflect the will of the people. The Conservative Party has already set a strong example by formally complaining to West Midlands Police about a suspiciously high number of postal vote applications and holding a series of emergency meetings this week with the police and top council officials.”

The Conservative Party has also launched a hotline to enable residents from across Birmingham to confidentially report any suspicious political activity and provide reassurance that their votes have not been stolen. The hotline number is 0121 275 6219.

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Jock Coats said...

Yay! Tories propose STV for Birmingham...:)