Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Questions Dr Fox Might Ask Dr Reid

Something doesn't quite add up about this cannabis discovery at John Reid's house. The media seem to have completely swallowed Reid's explanation. I'm at somewhat of a loss to explain the total absence of any comment or questioning from either the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats so far. Here are some questions Dr Fox might consider posing...

1. How often do security sweeps take place at Dr Reid's home?
2. What kind of dogs are used?
3. How was the cannabis discovered? Did a dog discover it, or were they rifling through drawers?
4. If it had been there for "up to 20 years", why was it not discovered on previous sweeps?
5. If this amount of cannabis was discovered in the quarters of a serving soldier, what disciplinary procedure would then be put in place?

Dr Reid should be grateful that the media's attention is on Messers Prescott and Clarke today.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ddale
Maybe the answer to your question is "there but for the grace of god go I"

dizzy said...

I say we demand a specimen sample!

Iain Dale said...

anonymous, not quite sure what you're implying there. I've never even had a puff!

Anonymous said...

Anon says
I wasnt accusing you, I just meant that the deafening silnce is due to the fact that some of those that should be asking the questions have(do)indulge in either cannabis or something else

David Morton said...

I agree that this would be a bigger issue than it is if clarke etc wasn't going on however the opposition won't touch this. Reid doesn't look like he is on the wacky backy but lets suppose for the sake of argument it was his?

cannabis is now so common that no party can really make much moral running on it. Look what happened to anne widdecome!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the scandals are only affecting Blairites.

How many favours does Gordon owe now?