Saturday, April 29, 2006

July 7 Victim Calls on Clarke to Resign

Remember I wrote about Rachel from North London who was involved in 7-7? Charles Clarke had insulted her father at Norwich cathedral. In the end Clarke apologised and agreed to meet Rachel. Her latest thoughts make very interesting reading. I highly recommend that you click HERE.


Rachel said...

Hello Ian, and thanks for visting my blog

Anonymous said...

@ John Reid's dealer - sadly that is simply not true about gun clubs.

10 seconds searching via Google finds this example at
Louisiana State University

Bob Piper said...

If there is a 7/7 survivor who received particularly good service from the NHS in the wake of the bombing, and they blogged to say Patricia Hewitt should stay on as Secretary of State for health... would you be referring us to that site as if they were some form of political guru Iain. I think not, somehow.

I think Rachel has written some splendid material about the bombing, the post traumatic stress and the excellent support group. So good it really does move you to read it. But her future voting intentions? I can't say I'm that bothered one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clarke should also resign as an MP?

Rachel said...

JohnReid's dealer, no I wasn't offended by your post! Bob, I should be a Labour voter. I was, I have been since I was 18. I'm not any more until Blair is got rid of and people who can be trusted to do their jobs competently are in power. Deceit, laziness, incompetence, lies = no votes from me, and many more like me. It's a shame, because there are some excellent local councillors out there. But I cannot stand the thought of Blair saying not getting kicked in the locals vindicates him and his dreadful Cabinet of incomeptent, out-of-touch loyalist lick-arses. Grrr.