Sunday, April 30, 2006

John Prescott's Second Mistress: Identity Revealed

The Sunday Mirror has an 'exclusive' interview with John Prescott's second mistress. Click HERE. She's former Labour candidate Sarah Bissett-Scott. She says:

"I was totally bowled over by him. He did all the running but I loved him and I think he loved me too. Looking back I was totally foolish and very naive but he is a very charismatic and persuasive man. "It started at a Labour Party Conference but I want to stress he did all the running. There was a mutual attraction. Many women were flirting with him. People find it difficult to believe, but he is very charismatic and attractive. I was new to politics and he was so enthusiastic. He might be fat and ugly now, but when I knew him was a very attractive man. Naively I thought his wife lived in the North and he lived in London. I was very stupid. He led me to believe he was leading separate lives from his wife Pauline. But why pick on me? I assume there were many other lovers."

The Sunday Times carried a front page story about Prescott being a 'serial groper'. Tricia McDaid provides the evidence. Click HERE. She said:

“He just leapt on me at one party and his tongue was halfway down my throat. " Such was Prescott’s reputation, she said, that she resorted to wearing trouser suits to avoid his wandering hands in the lifts at his Westminster office. She added that she was too afraid to protest at the time for fear of losing her job. She added: "He started to kiss me. He pulled my dress out, looked down my top and said, ‘What have you got on under there, how come you can’t see anything?’. I was wearing a body stocking as opposed to a bra and knickers. It was so embarrassing for him to have done that in front of so many people... He was a boastful, arrogant, nasty pig. He just jumped on you when he felt like it at a party. He had no manners whatsoever. Several times I nearly slapped him in the face. Afterwards I worked as a political journalist for the Irish News. I remember him at a party at the Irish embassy. I was surrounded by people but he kissed me on the lips and started to put his tongue down my throat. I laid into him. I got quite aggressive and there was a scene. He accused me of being a Tory spy.”

So we now know of four women Prescott has either had an affair with or tried to. It makes one wonder how many more there are. I suspect it won't be long before we find out. Surely he can't survive this.


Anonymous said...

"Just had a call suggesting that Ladbrokes or one of the other major bookies are opening a book on the total mistress figure-any advance on three?"

Are they going to impose a time-limit by which they have to pay out?

Anonymous said...

The dates seem a little confused. Or maybe I am. Is this another "while in office" affair, or one he had prior to becoming 2i/c NuLab and DPM?

From my read of various reports his continued existence on the payroll depended on him telling the Dear Leader he hasn't had any more affairs during or after his Tracey temple fling.


neil craig said...

I must admit to being unimpressed by female victims who just happen to find a man's tongue down their throat. Reminds me of the John Leslie allegations where we were told he had raped a woman on their first date, and on their second. I do not believe women are normally so helpless.

Who would have thought of John Prescott as Britain's own Arnie?