Monday, April 24, 2006

No Wonder Sky Newsreaders Have a Permanent Smile on Their Faces

When I was on Sky on Saturday morning I had to be 'made up' - well, the wrinkles of 43 years hard living are beginning to show. But it's the first time I experienced Sky Make-Up's new gadget, which seems to blast your entire face with gunge. It sort of blows it on to you like an icy cold blow-torch. I read in The Independent media diary today that it is known among Sky newsreaders as "The Blow-Job Gun". If only I'd known that at the time...

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Anonymous said...

It all seems to be related to the takeup of HDTV, which offers incredible detail on a telly, such as sharp and clear detail of the blades of grass on a football pitch, so imagine presenters, commentators and guests in studios!

It is only a few Sky channels (including Sky Sports), and a dedicated BBC service, that are going HD in the next few months. Sky News won't for quite some time I would imagine; there is no point because HD is hardly used by any TV news service yet.