Monday, April 24, 2006

Electoral Commission Continues to Investigate LibDem Donation

When I wrote this of LibDem donor Michael Brown in response to an anonymous post, I was perhaps more perceptive than I could have imagined...

"You'll regret the day your Party ever laid eyes on that man. Mark my words."

Last Friday I speculated that if the LibDems were forced to return the £2.4 million donation it could leave them bankrupt. See HERE. I was faced with the predictable torrent of comments from LibDems saying I was foaming at the mouth and being over-dramatic and there wasn't a story here. Really. The Times and other newspapers seem to agree with me that the return of the money may become a reality. These comments from Peter Wardle, the Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission, in The Times this morning will have struck fear into the hearts of a number of LibDems. He said: “The inquiry concerning the status of 5th Avenue Partners is ongoing. The Commission has not closed this case." Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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The Times article is online at,,17129-2149406.html