Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Crisis Approaches for Charles Clarke

Guido reckons Clarke will resign tomorrow. Maybe this is the reason why. Just in from PA...

"More than a quarter of the 80 most serious offenders being sought by police are not registered on the Police National Computer, it was claimed tonight. BBC 2's Newsnight said ACPO had appealed for help from regional police forces to search their own databases for more than 20 of the mistakenly released foreign nationals who were not on the national system. They included one murderer and three sex offenders, including one rapist, the programme said, quoting "two very well-placed sources''. Home Office minister Hazel Blears was unable to say whether the offenders were registered on the national database or not. But she told Newsnight that every offender would have be registeredby the Prison Service. "It's important that we use every bit of information that we can to give the public the reassurance that they need,'' she added."

This gets more incredible by the hour.

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