Thursday, April 27, 2006

Free the House of Commons Duck, Bitch!

Much amusement in the Shadow Cabinet block this afternoon. Apparently a mother duck and her ducklings were waddling along the fence between the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge but one of them managed to penetrate the fence, but couldn't get back. Mother duck was quacking like mad, as was baby duckling. The intrepid females in David Davis's office rushed out to see what was going on and no doubt strated quacking too! By this time a crowd had gathered on the bridge and someone charmingly shouted out "Free the duck, you bitch"! It turns out that the ducks regularly breach Palace security, which provokes much quacking in the Serjeant at Arms Department. Each time they have to call the RSPB, who come and collect the ducks, put them in a box and take them God knows where. Orange sauce, anyone?


Ranting Guttersnipe said...

No doubt it hadn't given the police 6 weeks notice to demonstrate

Anonymous said...

“the ducks regularly breach Palace security”

I believe this comes under the Home Secretaries remit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone check to see if the Palace of Westminster chef was ordering extra oranges?

Err... why the RSPB? Surely one of the Shire MP's is still sufficiently rural to be able to pick it up and check it back into the Thames; it's a big enough target for even the most prolific user of the House bars to hit.