Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tracey Temple's Risk & Reward

I've just started reading the Mail on Sunday. Tracey Temple does seem to be a little inconsistent in her view of what comprises 'risk'.

"I did hear a whisper that I had snogged John in the lift and that I had nuzzled his neck. I was very upset because it wasn't true. Even if we were having sex, we wouldn't have been stupid enough to do something like that. We're not stupid people."

OK fair enough. But contrast that with this little tale about sex in the DPM's Ministerial Office...

"We were very lucky we were never caught - as we never shut the [office] door. Sometimes it was behind the desk - but mainly we stood behind the open door. There were people working outside. It was quite risky."

No, not stupid at all then, Tracey.


Anonymous said...

She is being paid £300k - that alone makes any detail in her claims suspect.

Anonymous said...

Very unconvinced by the crocodile tears shown on this morning's film clip - surprised Max allowed her to do this.