Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Development in Deportation Scandal

Sky News are reporting that in the HM Inspector of Prisons Report for 2002-3 the issue of failing to deport foreign prisoners was first identified. They described it as an "institutional blindspot". The report goes on: "This was not helped by the dilatory attitude of the Immigration Service, which, unless pressed, was not monitoring the deportation of foreign prisoners." I wonder if the government spin machine will now try to shift the blame onto the then Home Secretary David Blunkett? Stranger things have happened.


dizzy said...

Can't we just draw a line under this and move on?

Mike D said...

Sounds highly possible. But will Blunk take it lying down, as it were.

Are there now any government departments working properly?

Anonymous said...

Iain, can you keep us informed during PMQs for those who cannot get to a tv?