Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Would Charles Clarke by Culpable for Ex-Con Crimes?

This comment in the original CHARLES CLARKE thread caught my eye. It's from Remittance Man. He says:

"ZanuLabour brought in the "crime" of corporate manslaughter with much fanfare. A classic peice of class warrior behaviour I'll admit, but it is on the statute books. Surely, if the CEO and directors of companies can be prosecuted for the failings of their companies/employees under this law, then so can ministers of the crown. All we have to do is find that some poor victim has been murdered by one of the beneficiaries of Home Office incompetence and, bingo, decent grounds for hoisting an incompetent minister on his own petard. Anyone closer to London care to tip off the Met? SOCA?"

An interesting angle but unlikely to be fruitful, I suspect. However, it does confirm my view that the most likely reason for Charles Clarke to step down is when a journalist finds a case of a serious crime committed by one of the 1,000 ex-cons who should have been deported - esepcially if it's one of the 288 who haven't been deported since Charles Clarke first identified the problem 9 months ago.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I made the front page, and I didn't have to do the perp walk to get there, either. Ma remittance will be proud. Or maybe not. She thinks I spend my spare time in low dives with unsavoury sorts. I don't know how she will take the news that her beloved first born actually spends it in the blogospere :-)

On a more serious note, you are probably right that there's little chance of a corporate manslaughter charge ever sticking to Charlie, but wouldn't it make a great stick for the Tories and or LibDems to beat him with? Perhaps someone should tip off the heroic MP of Norfolk.

Whacking incompetent socialists is fun. Doing it with a club they created should be even more amusing.


Anonymous said...

Government impunity must come to a stop.

Don't think this is not deliberate, all this 'incompetence' in Parole and Immigration. No one is that stupid.

They are setting up the requirements to neccesitate the National Identity Registry (database). They are creating such a mess we will need it to sort it out again. But why?

Why and How do they act with such IMPUNITY...why do we let them get away with it. All the thieving, lying, corrupt, bullying, wasteful crap that is spinned into neccesary action, which then as they see their problems created requires more action, which creates more problems.

It's like the rest of it. Yes we need to stop terrorists. No we don't need to become an Island Prison to do it. We just need competent government that does not act with IMPUNITY. We need a government which can honestly evaluate the consequences of their actions, instead of making 'targets' as the only truth and squirming and spinning everything else.

Government Impunity is an offence and they are becoming rotten and infected through it.

Government Impunity must come to a stop. Full stop.