Friday, April 28, 2006

What David Miliband Means by THINK LOCAL

Cribbed from the England Project...

Government minister David Miliband wants the electorate to ignore what's going on at Westminster and think local when it comes to voting in the council elections. I like to be helpful. Here are some local thoughts for you to think:

"Are any of the released murderers, rapists or child abusers in my local community?"

"I hope Prescott doesn't come round here to try and shag me."


Anonymous said...

Yes, he can find out the answers to those questions on his bi-annual visit to his constituency. That's when his agent sneaks up behind him, koshes him on the back of the head, and he wakes up in his Constituency office, having his photo taken with a labour activist pretending to be a constituent attending his GP's surgery. Must be scary, being so far from London with everyone talking funny.

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me, can you tell me where to find an NHS dentist?"

Anonymous said...


How many of these rapists and child molesters were released under Michael Howard?

It's a serious question: can you tell me this is a Labour problem or just a problem that has come to light since Labour came to power?

Anonymous said...

The 289 that have been released since last August when Charles Clarke was told about the problem for the FOURTH time would certainly seem to be "a Labour problem!

Anonymous said...


We had tighter immigration laws back then, and the immigration authorities didn't have their annual appraisals biased by NuLabour targets (sort out the FAS problem for career brownie points).

So while I would suspect that the Tories did let some undesirables out, I'd suspect even more strongly that the problem is at least an order of magnitude bigger now. And as DD pointed out on Wed: It seems to be accelerating. Despite official warnings dating back several years.