Saturday, April 22, 2006

BNP Set to Become Official Opposition on Barking Council Says Poll

Tomorrow's Sunday Mirror carries a very depressing poll. An unbelievable 45.5% of the voters of Barking are set to vote for the BNP in the council elections on May 4th. As they have 13 candidates standing they could become the official opposition party to Labour. The poll put the BNP ahead of Labour, on 36.3%, the Tories (12.7%) and the Liberal Democrats (4.5%). The poll comes ahead of a report from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust expected to suggest that up to one in four voters across Britain would be willing to consider voting BNP. Labour has 43 of the 51 seats on Barking and Dagenham Council, all of which are up for grabs on May 4. The Sunday Mirror also surveyed three BNP target seats in Bradford, finding that 7% of those planning to vote said they would back Nick Griffin's party - almost double their 4.3% share of the national vote in the 2005 General Election.


Anonymous said...

Widders on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'!

And even a mention for your Widders Knickers!

Anonymous said...

Only to be expected Iain, when the main parties are too afraid to tackle the real problems arising from uncontrolled immigration.
Cheer up though; I've just watched the Frank Luntz survey on Newsnight regarding the attitudes of floating voters to the party leaders. Cameron is way ahead. You can reach it through a link on

Anonymous said...

Depressing news. Having the utterly dreadful and patronising Margeret Hodge must have an effect. It's a shame a few socialists can't break away fron New Labour and form a party to appeal to the disenfrancised voters.

PoliticalHackUK said...

'Uncontrolled immigration?'


Asylum applications (for that is one of the main target of our friendly racists) are on a downward track.

The other target for the BNP is the Muslim community, many of whom were born here and as entitled to a UK passport as the sad and dangerous fools who constitute the BNP membership. They are a minority political group and will remain so, even after this election, despite how their chances are being talked up by the other parties, the BNP themselves and the media.

Anonymous said...

As Mike Smithson suggests on,this poll appears to pretty unscientific and, of course like any poll, the responses received depend very largely on how the questions are framed.
What must be clear however is that 45.5% of the electorate in Barking cannot possibly be described as "extreme".If the actual potential support for the BNP is even one quarter of the figure indicated, it should serve as a massive wake-up call for the Government, most senior members of which which live in nice homes in pleasant middle class areas and appear oblivious to the real concern felt by very many ordinary non-racist citizens regarding the truly massive levels of immigration seen in our inner cities and towns over recent years which, whether we like it or not, is unquestionably changing forever the fabric of society and at far too fast a rate for many of the indiginous population

Croydonian said...

What was Margaret 'Hoxha' Hodge thinking of when she started talking up the BNP in her neck of the woods? Barking & Dagenham is hardly an N1 or NW3 post code awash with the polenta eating classes who would then be energised to get out and vote for anyone but the BNP. Rather what she has done is to convey to potential BNP voters that a vote for that crew would not be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Hodge in her declarations on the matter handed the BNP a big publicity coup by suggesting that not only was it because Labour was failing to address many issues but that also the BNP were seen by many as the focus of a likely solution to these, this has merely intensified the focus on the BNP as being some kind of protest organisation who can be used to shock the government into action - if these recent polls are correct then it's just as well that only some of the seats are up for election otherwise they might end up controlling some councils.

dizzy said...

The law of unintended consequences strikes again! Hodge created a self-fulfilling prophecy whilst trying to energise apathetic Labour voters.

terry said...

A bouquet of eight white lilies and two red roses arrived at the door of Margaret Hodge’s constituency office in Barking last Sunday morning, a gift from the British National Party. The party felt it was repaying the Labour minister a compliment. We have good reason to be pleased with the employment secretary’s warning that eight out of 10 Labour supporters in her East London constituency were considering voting for the BNP.

Not only should millionaress Hodge be applauded and made an honourary member but possibly David Flunkett also for his role in bringing trumped up charges against Nick and Mark highlighting the draconian totalatarian measures Nulab will go to in it's attempt to curb freedom of speech and keep the lid on any debate regarding the joys of "multiculteralism".
The death knell has been sounded for political correctness and the BNP can rightly claim to be the architects of it's demise.
As more of the Tory faithful switch to the BNP we have no doubt that it will be our party that forms the main opposition within a few years.

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise? Conservative members elected IDS in preference to Ken Clarke and Europhilia in 2001, when Conservatives were 20% behind Labour in the polls. By October 2002, he was at 40% and rising. All was set fair until MP's dumped IDS by 6 votes, after the media set about him with a vengeance.

Today Conservative support struggles to get above 35% and the Europhiles are back in control despite being rejected by Conservative voters - Clarke, Heseltine, Gummer and so on.

Cameron is showing a willingness to cooperate with the erosion of Parliament, evn proposing the elimination of 10% of MP's. He's backing Blair's compliance with the EU DIrective of the funding of Political Parties, and not opposing the new law permitting EU laws to be passed without Parliamentary approval.

Conservative MP's are not taking account of popular opinion. Popular opinion is likely to bite back.

Conservative MP's are being lead by the media - in being told to dump IDS, in being told to pick Cameron - and in avoiding all talk of Europe and of who governs Britain.

Voters are being asked to focus on picking up the rubbish as requested by Cameron. Some still remember that politics is about power. Do we want to be ruled by Parliament or a new totalitarian state that is eliminating all the democracies of Europe?

It's high time the fightback against the EU started. The Conservatives had their chances, and have blown them.

Ifan M Jones said...

That's why they call the place 'Barking' I suppose. They are barking mad.

Anonymous said...

The BNP has done very well under Labour. Before they entered power few took them seriously. Now? Well...

If Labour paid even the slightest attention to their traditional working class vote they would have done something significant about immigration and we would not see the BNP as the official oppostion in Barking.