Monday, March 13, 2006

Julia Goldsworthy - The New Stephen Byers?

There's an interview with the fragrant Julia Goldsworthy in the Independent today. She's the new 27 year old LibDem Treasury Spokesman. Andy McSmith asks her at what level of income does someone start paying the higher rate of tax. "In the mid thirties," she replies. The answer is £32,400. She's then asked the question which tripped up Stephen Byers - what's 8x7? "Forty-two," she replies confidently. Inspires confidence that she will have a real grip on LibDem spending plans, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

The answer is £32,400.

eh??? Clearly my personnel department is ripping me off.

Iain Dale said...

Actually, when I read that in the Indy I did think that it was about £36,000. So perhaps she was nearer the mark after all. So come on, what's the correct answer?

Anonymous said...

Starts paying tax? Well my tax allowance is about £4k. Do you mean higher rate tax?

Anonymous said...

An individual starts paying tax at the incredibly low figure of £5,035 actually albeit at a rate of 10%....if you mean at what level does the higher rate kick in then its £32,400 - but of course you actually have to add the personal allowance on, so the first pound that gets taxed at 40% is the 37,436th you earn. Capiche??

Anonymous said...

Up to age 64,you get a personal allowance of £4,895 which you don't pay tax on at all.

On taxable income, the amounts paid are as follows:

0 - £2,090: 10%

£2,091 - £32,400: 22%

Over £32,400: 40%

So for most people you need to be earning just c £37k before you start paying 40% income tax

Inamicus said...

Seem to recall that was the answer Byers gave as well. Is there a Pavlov's dog situation here - ask a politician that question and the subconscious will respond with "42" rather than "56" as the brain's first impulse is to recall the Byers answer.

Anonymous said...

Pavlov's dog? as in 'Byers said 42, and I laughed. Laughing is nice. If I get asked, I will say 42 too. Then I'll laugh again.'


(I wish I earnt 'just' £37k...!)

Rigger Mortice said...

"Before her election as an MP, she worked in Cornwall for Carrick District Council, focusing on regeneration issues, building and developing links with local businesses in the area."

Is it just me who thinks she's woefully underqualified and totally unsuited to her role.Dread the day the Libs ever get in.'last one out turn the lights off'

Anonymous said...

Rigger - the youngest MPs of all parties never really have stellar careers behind them. Who knows whether Blair would have had a serious legal career had he not been elected at thirty or whether Goldsworthy would have been chief executive of Westminster Council?

I tend to think that Parliament needs a mix of youth and energy, parliamentary experience (which really needs the person to be elected young) and experience outside parliament. No one individual can provide all those.

Goldsworthy is obviously intelligent. They don't dish out academic qualifications of the sort she has for nothing - the seven eights mistake is an error anyone can make and indeed the press article goes on to say she went bright red and corrected herself. Is she up to the job? Well, let's see how she performs but lets not get snippy about it before she has the chance to do anything.

Rigger Mortice said...

Anon 5-29,I take your point but...
I amke a general point,I personally think DC is woefully short on real world experience and I think Blair was too.The reason we have been so badly led since Major(he wasn't that bad-just as many operations done by the NHS as is now but for half the price circa £32 billion) is that Blair is a failed barrister with no real world experience.DC hasn't really done anything in the real world (5 years at carlton in PR-come on).The economy is about to go over the edge when Browns lack of understanding will be exposed.
Goldsworthy is 27,came out of Uni,yeah hey she's a degree in rocket science,so what,some of the stupidest people I know are very clever. then she's gone to work for the council,where she probably got the job on a positive discrimination ticket.And we all know the sort of job she described is a non job for a body that is as unaccountable as it gets.
She's there because she's good looking and a woman.oh and also cos she's probably the best they've got,which is frightening

David Morton said...

If you read the article she was a loy closer to the real figure than the journalist was. And he had the chance to check the figure before his interview.