Friday, March 31, 2006

On Radio 5 Live at 11pm Tonight

I'm on the Brian Hayes Show on Radio 5 Live tonight from 11pm talking about State funding for political parties. I'm up against some policy wonk from the IPPR. My basic line is that as a Conservative I'm not philosophically in favour of it but I think some form of State funding is now probably inevitable. Unlike me to be pragmatic rather than dogmatic, but there you go! Please do take part in the poll in the left hand column on State funding. It's 77-23 against at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Is the poll wording strictly accurate? It could be argued that it should read 'further state funding' - the short money given to parties in 2004-2005 totalled over £6.5 million. I make this point not out of some desire to be pedantic but simply to be clear that the 'principle' of some form of state funding is not the key question.

Iain Dale said...

Mike, I made exactly this point on 5 Live last night actually. So i recognise what you mean, but in polls it's always best to keep it simple!